Which bed bug sprays work best?


Most common pest killers use a synthetic pyrethroid as their main active ingredient, which acts as a neurotoxin to many insect species. However, pyrethroids tend to have very poor results when used to get rid of bed bugs unless they are one of the newer formulas.

Your best bet in a bed bug contact killer is a pair of natural compounds called pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are an effective neurotoxin against bed bugs, and bed bugs won't grow resistant to them.

Residual sprays should be applied after the pyrethrin-based contact spray. Pyrethroid-resistant strains of bed bugs are all too common to take your chances, so opt for a product with fenvalerate or imidacloprid. For best results, look for a spray that has both. These chemicals will kill bed bugs and their eggs for weeks after application, ensuring that an infestation won’t get a chance to repopulate after you douse them with a contact killer.

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