What are signs of bed bugs?


Bed bugs are very small, and are excellent hiders, so it's tough to spot the bugs themselves. However, they do tend to leave behind some telltale signs of their activity.

Bed bug bites are the first indication for most people that they may have bed bugs. The bites look like red bumps, that are usually found in rows or small clusters. They tend to itch and burn, though reactions differ from person to person.

Bed bugs often leave blood stains on sheets, pillows, and furniture. These small red spots, often left in trails, are from bed bugs spitting up some of the blood they were drinking, or from them being crushed by people rolling over in their sleep.

Feces, usually thin black spots or streaks, are made up of digested blood that was excreted by the bedbugs as they returned to their hideout. To confirm that the mark is from a bed bug, try dabbing it with a wet paper towel; it should leave a red smudge.

Bed bugs shed their skin as they move through the 5 stages of their development. This clear skin with a tint of brown or amber can be easily spotted. This is a great indicator that bedbugs may be present.

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