PackTite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heater

PackTite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heater
PackTite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heater


PackTite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heater

The New Packtite 2 Bed Bug Heater is an effective way to treat clothing, handbags, luggage, shoes, books, papers and much more. The PackTite 2 has replaced the original PackTite Portable heater, offering improved reliability and heating power thanks to its new external heater design. **
Our Price: $399.95


Key Features:
  • Safe and chemical-free
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Treats most standard suitcases
  • Packtite™ measures (36" L. x 18" W x 24" H. inches)
  • Patent pending technology
  • Kills all bedbug life stages (Heat range 120 - 150°F)
  • Treats clothing, handbags, luggage, shoes, books papers and much more
  • Usable Space: (36" L. x 18" W. x 15" H.)
  • Collapses to 11" high for convenient storage
  • Includes wired thermometer to accurately gauge interior temperature

Product Information

PackTite is a safe, non-chemical way to treat your personal items for bedbugs.

PackTite is a must have for those looking to prevent or treat bed bug infestations. Many bed bugs infestations occur after returning from a business trip or vacation where bed bugs were present. With PackTite, you can routinely place your luggage inside the easy to use heater in order to kill all bed bug life cycles. This can offer peace of mind and greatly reduce the chance of infecting your home with bed bugs.

If your home already has bed bugs PackTite can be used to kill bed bugs within items that cannot be machine laundered including books, luggage, shoes and just about anything else. Simply place your items in the PackTite and turn the timer until you see a green light.

PackTite can literally save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs on items that would normally need to be discarded. The PackTite can also be use year after year to prevent future infestations from occurring.

Why Use Heat?

Heat treatments are a safe and effective alternative to spraying your belongings with chemicals. A bed bug heater can treat large items, or many small items, quickly and thoroughly by safely heating them to a lethal temperature. This saves time spent checking each and every item, and saves money that may otherwise be spent replacing infested items that are thrown out.


  • Portable but spacious: efficient external heater design allows the PackTite 2 to be as portable as the original PackTite was while adding slightly more internal space.
  • Collapsible Design: Unit collapses to just 11" high for convenient storage.
  • Includes Temperature Gauge: A combination timer and thermometer with wired probe makes it easy to gauge the progress of the treatment.
  • Usable Space: (36 x 18 x 15 inches) - Heat-treats luggage up to 30 inches tall
PackTite 2


Compare Heaters:

Which is right for you?

  • Price
  • Size
  • Collapsible
  • Insulated
  • Timer Included

PackTite 2

  • $399.95
  • 5.6 Cubic ft

ZappBug Heater

  • $199.95
  • 6 Cubic ft

ZappBug Oven

  • $495.95
  • 25.3 Cubic ft

PackTite Closet

  • $669.00
  • 25 Cubic ft

Bed Bug Usage Tips:

Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere a credit card can fit. That means they could be camping out in your clothes, shoes, books, and just about any other personal belongings you have in your home.

You can start treating these items by drying your clothes on the highest heat settings possible. Items that can't be thrown in the laundry can be treated with the PackTite 2.

The PackTite is extremely easy to use. Simply set it up, load it with items and insert the thermometer probe to monitor the temperature. The thermometer will alert when the optimal temperature has been reached, indicating that the treatment process is nearly finished.

To Use Our Non-Chemical Treatment Protocol Against Bed Bugs We Recommend:

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Climbup Interceptors

J.T Eaton bed Bug Powder (natural diatomaceous earth)

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Questions and Answers

Q: lots of space between the heater and housing unit and the canvas bag. Is there not suppose to be a tight fit.... so internal heat will not over heat the canvas bag? Do bugs not escape just because heat blowing into unit and they won't go towards the heat?
Asked by: Judy - 3/12/2015
That's correct. Bed bugs won't approach the heaters - instead, they will instinctively try to hide deeper inside of the infested items.
Q: Is this model in fact discontinued? Is this a unit that was subject to the recall? If it is, is this then a refurbished unit? Many thanks!
Asked by: Anna - 12/6/2015
The model was discontinued by the manufacturer. It was not affected by the recall, and we believe that the manufacturer will be replacing it with a new model in the near future. We do not offer refurbished units, so this model is completely unavailable.

Customer Reviews

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4/ 5stars
Reviewed by:  from BOISE.
5/ 5stars
We travel all over the world and I have used the Packtite for years and I think it is one of the niftiest inventions around. It is easy to use, safe, clean and easy to set up. It works perfectly and it gives me the peace of mind I never had before. In fact, I have two of them. And the company is great - any question will be answered and any problem will be immediately fixed. I really like the customer service. If you travel, get one of these. It is the only safeguard from these bugs and it doesn't harm even your nicest things.
Reviewed by:  from Denver, Colorado.
4/ 5stars
PackTite 2
I purchased this model as a preventative when I learned that another apartment in my building had bedbugs. I can't yet speak to whether it kills bedbugs but I feel much better knowing I can now go on trips and have guests visit without worrying that we're bringing bedbugs into my apartment in luggage. One criticism would be, if it's so important that the cord is plugged directly into the wall socket, it would be VERY helpful if the cord were a few feet longer. In a small city apartment, it's difficult to find a space big enough for the PackTite that's 1) close to a wall socket and 2) allows the recommended several feet of free space around the PackTite.
Reviewed by:  from NYC.