I found brown bugs in my bed. How can I know if they're bed bugs?


"Brown bugs" is a bit vague a description, so we couldn't say if those are bed bugs. You'll need to compare the features of this bug with those of its likely imposters:

Bed bugs are round and oval-shaped, with a reddish-brown color and no rear wings. They have six legs and two eyes, and they cannot jump or fly. For an easier time identifying them, see our bed bug pictures page.

If the bug on your bed is shiny, oval-shaped, and roughly the shape of a flea, it's likely a spider beetle. Spider beetles have longer legs and antennae than bed bugs do, and are harmless to humans.

If your suspect is black with a large winged shell, it's probably a carpet beetle. These are scavengers that feed on wool, leather, and hair. Carpet beetles don't bite, and they are much easier to get rid of than bed bugs.

You may also be dealing with a roach nymph, bat bug, book lice, or any one of several other creepy crawlies. For that reason, be as detailed as possible when describing the bug to anyone over the phone or in a report.

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