How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in 4 STEPS!


Bed bug infestations are not only a physical attack on your body, but a psychological attack that can cause insomnia, anxiety and increased stress. Many people describe having bed bugs as one of the worst feelings they've experienced. Bed bugs can greatly impact you and your family, which is why we've developed proven solutions to this recent epidemic spreading across the United States. View print friendly version.


As you read on, we'll explain how
to rid your home of bed bugs using
methods that can be done yourself!


Encase Your Mattress / Remove Hiding Places

  • Kill bed bugs hiding in your mattress
  • Protect your bed from invading bugs
  • Keep your mattress fresh for years

Bed bugs and their eggs are most likely hiding in or on your mattress, box spring and pillows, which is why you need certified bed bug proof mattress encasements. Our bed bug encasements from SafeRest are used to protect and seal off the mattress and box spring while preventing bed bugs from entering, escaping, or feeding through its proprietary non-vinyl fabric. Learn More

SafeRest Encasements

Recommended Covers

SafeRest Encasements:
• Mattress • Box Spring
• Crib Mattress • Pillow

Expert Tips

When stripping off your bedding from the mattress, place them into sealed garbage bags to prevent bed bugs from escaping and infesting other parts of the room or home.

SafeRest Video

SafeRest Video

Isolate Your Bed / Stop the Biting

  • Stop bed bugs from reaching you
  • Cut off the bed bugs' feeding source
  • Monitor the population

With your mattress and bedding now free from bed bugs, it's important to keep it that way by adding ClimbUp Interceptors to each leg of your bed. Bed bugs are not just found in your bed — they often hide in furniture, along baseboards, and inside walls, cracks and crevices. ClimbUp Interceptors can stop bed bugs from climbing up your bed by trapping them in a talcum-lined pitfall. Learn More

SafeRest Encasements

Recommended Traps

Climbup Insect Interceptor
• Small • Large
• Extra Large


Expert Tips

Bed bugs cannot jump or fly, so they must climb up to reach you. Elevating the mattress using a bed frame limits the access points. Do not sleep on the floor or an air mattress.

Interceptor Video

Interceptor Video

Steam & Clean the Room

  • Kill bed bugs hiding in your clothes
  • Vacuum away bugs and eggs in hiding
  • Kill remaining bugs with our bed bug steamers

Bed bugs are likely hiding in different parts of your room, like the edges of carpet, inside wood cracks, behind picture frames and inside books, magazines, furniture, etc. In this third step, we're going to clean, declutter, vacuum and steam areas of the room where bed bugs might be. This will cut down on the bed bug population while making it harder for remaining bugs to hide. Learn More


Recommended Steamers

• Vapamore MR-100 Primo
• Vapamore MR-1000 Forza
• PRO5 Stainless Steel


Steamer Video

Steamer Video

Heater Video

Heater Video

Spray & Powder Cracks & Crevices

  • Kill immediately with a contact spray
  • Get 12 weeks of protection with residual sprays
  • Seal entry points indefinitely with natural powders

We recommend using a combination of both contact and residual sprays, designed specifically to kill bed bugs. Contact killers will kill bed bugs quickly, but offer no long-lasting protection. Residual sprays, applied after the contact killer spray, offer protection against future bed bugs for up to 12 weeks, but kill more slowly — this is why we use both. Learn More

SafeRest Encasements

Recommended Spray Kits

• Pro Bed Bug Kit (1-2 rooms)
• Pro Bed Bug Kit (3-4 rooms)
• Pro Kit (Commercial)


Bed Bug Kit Video

Kit Video

Bed Bug Powder Video

Powder Video
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