Bed bugs are nothing new dating back to biblical times and before. Prior to World War II, bed bugs were prevalent in many homes across America leading to the bed time rhyme “Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bit.” Many of us have heard this rhyme hundreds of times without ever knowing exactly what bed bugs really were.

The Eradication of Bed Bugs

In 1874, a very effective insecticide called DDT was first synthesized and was believed at the time to be the miracle formula against many insects such as mosquitoes, roaches and fleas. DDT was marketed as safe for humans and quickly distributed to households where it was used loosely against anything that crawled.

DDT and other new pesticides were also very effective against bed bugs leading to a near eradication of bed bugs from homes across America for nearly 50 years. In 1972, DDT was linked to cancer and proven to be a deadly toxin for wildlife including the near extinction of the Bald Eagle. U.S consumers also became more aware and concerned about the chemicals they were using on a daily basis and began searching for safer alternatives to strong pesticides.

Bed Bug's Free Reign

From the late 1970’s until today many people including pest control companies began using baits to control ant and roach problems as opposed to the pesticides used prior to achieve a similar outcome. These baits did work well on roaches and ants, but had absolutely no impact on bed bugs as they feed directly on their host's blood and are not drawn to baits.

Now that fewer pesticides were being used, bed bugs were able to re-emerge without the threat in many cases of being killed by the pesticides of the past. To make matters worse, bed bugs developed immunities to many of the safer pesticides used after the ban on DDT.

Bed Bugs Bite Back

With many treatments for roaches and ants deemed ineffective on bed bugs, it was only a matter of time before the issue returned and progressed. Poultry workers began inadvertently bringing bed bugs home where they spread quickly. Also, with the world economy expanding and international travel increasing, bed bugs were transported into the U.S on luggage and on travelers clothing.

Today bed bugs have become an epidemic with new cases having increased 500% over the past few years. International travel hubs such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles are having major issues controlling new bed bug populations. Hotel rooms, cruise ships, airplanes and shelters are now breeding places where bed bugs can hitch a ride home with you.

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