How can I get rid of bed bugs on a budget?


This is a tough question to answer because “budget” is a relative term. First, let’s put the costs of bed bug treatments in perspective:

First off, there is no single product that’s going to rid you of your bed bugs. While some pests can be treated with a single $18 can of spray, bed bugs aren’t that simple to fight. Not only are bed bugs very good at hiding beyond the reach of a spray or a bug bomb, but they are often resistant to the chemicals commonly used in store-bought products. To eliminate an infestation, you’ll need to apply a holistic treatment with multiple methods.

While a do-it-yourself solution may seem more expensive than you would have expected, it would certainly be more affordable than a professional treatment. Before any treatments can be done, inspections are usually required first, and those are rarely free. Professionals typically charge between $300 and $500 per room for a single treatment, and many cases require multiple treatment attempts. This will quickly add up to thousands for the average home.

To exacerbate matters, pest control experts frequently propose that you discard infested items, such as your bedding and furniture, which could cost thousands of dollars. Even if you chose to throw these items away, it probably won’t do you any good; if bed bugs have infested your bed, they’ll likely be found elsewhere in the room.

Our 4-step solution can be done for as little as $500 for a single-family home. You don’t have to discard your furniture, and you’ll keep many prevention methods in place for the future. This is definitely the best bed bug solution for the money.

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