Gaia Steamer with Vacuum and Injection (58 PSI) DISCONTINUED

Gaia Steamer with Vacuum and Injection (58 PSI) DISCONTINUED
Gaia Steamer with Vacuum and Injection (58 PSI) DISCONTINUED


Gaia Steamer with Vacuum and Injection (58 PSI) DISCONTINUED

The Gaia is the first all-in-one home steam cleaner. With its combination of direct-injected steam and a wet/dry vacuum, you can clean and treat most surfaces in your home in no time.
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Key Features:
  • High temperature steam with powerful extraction leaves hard surface floors dry in seconds
  • Combination steamer and wet/dry vacuum treats and cleans in one step
  • 5 levels of vacuum suction
  • Lifetime boiler & heating element warranty + 1 year parts & labor
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Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

The new Gaia aims to be the perfect home cleaning machine. Packed into this compact body is a dry vapor steamer, wet/dry vacuum, direct injection and extraction. A single device could be all you need to leave most floors and surfaces as clean as the day you moved in. However, this steamer is no slouch when it comes to bed bug treatments — the Gaia features a powerful stainless steel boiler that delivers steam as hot as 260 degrees, and with up to 58 PSI to ensure penetration into cracks, seams, and folds.

We’ve grown accustomed to steamers coming with a lot of attachments, but rarely do we see such a diversity of gear as we did when unpacking the Gaia. This beastly home cleaning kit comes with tools for everything from hard surfaces, carpets, upholstered fabric, and getting into any sort of crack or crevice that needs to be cleaned, degreased, or sanitized.

The overall build and construction is about what we expected for this price range. It’s not feasible to pack all of these features into a durable, sturdy body for the price that the Gaia is available for. With that in mind, we’re not overly concerned by the generally thin, consumer-grade plastics that the Gaia is built with. If you need something that can handle being knocked around more, you’ll want to pay more for a commercial-grade model.

The Gaia has everything you need for a bed bug treatment. To kill bed bugs hiding in the seams and folds of your mattress, box spring, couch, or other upholstered furniture, you want to use low pressure and a flat upholstery fabric attachment. For other hiding places, like baseboards, floorboards, bed frames, and the edges of the carpet, you should use a thin detail nozzle and higher pressure. Either attachment should usually be wrapped by a cloth to break up excess pressure and moisture. The Gaia provides all of this, and allows you to hit each hiding place with ease and efficiency.

Where the Gaia really shines is in the versatility of its cleaning ability. Need to clean up a dirty hard floor? You can either steam first and vacuum after, or you can flip both switches and do both at once. What about rugs and carpet floors, which conventional steamers tend to struggle with? No problem — just dilute a non-foam cleaning agent with water in the injection tank, vacuum the carpet to clear out surface-level debris, then activate the injection and extraction functions to pump steam and detergent to the very roots of the carpet fiber.

Product Information

Get ready to change the way you clean! Steam cleaning can make some of the most difficult cleaning jobs a pleasure instead a chore. The new Gaia combination steamer will vacuum and steam clean all hard surface floors, including hardwoods, marble, granite, slate, terrazzo, porcelain, vinyl, laminates and more, leaving no soap residues.

The Gaia's compact design creates a multi-purpose cleaner, combining steam, water, detergent and vacuum action. Dirt is trapped in the recovery tank thanks to the Ventury effect system.

Gaia Steam Cleaner
Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 1700 Watts
  • Max Pressure: 58 PSI
  • Boiler Capacity: 1.6 Liters
  • Boiler Temp: 293° F
  • Max Tip Temp: 240° F
  • Weight: 21 Pounds
Gaia Steam Cleaner

Control Console:

Adjust steam pressure, vacuum suction, and injection/extraction with a touch of a button. Boiler and tank status indicators make it easy to know when it's time to steam or to refill.

Gaia Steam Cleaner

Ergonomic Switches:

Forget holding down a trigger to steam; simply flip a switch to activate steam, vacuum suction, or both at once.

Gaia Steam Cleaner

Powerful and Clean Steam:

240° steam at 58 PSI ensures that bed bugs can't hide from lethal heat, and grime and grease will be lifted in a single pass.

Bed Bug Usage Tips:

Steamers are a great chemical free and very effective way to treat for pests such as bedbugs and dust mites. The pests and their eggs are killed instantly when subjected to the high heat produced by the steamer. When treating for bed bugs or dust mites on furniture such as sofas, chairs, and beds there are a few simple steps to follow to help be successful in eradicating the pests. Before you start always make sure to follow these few rules.

Never steam into electrical outlets or connections and when steaming along baseboards, wood furniture and trim always follow with a dry towel to remove the condensation or water build up. When steaming a mattresses or bedding make sure to allow the mattress or bedding to completely air dry prior to installing any plastic covers or plastic encasements commonly used for bedbug prevention.

Attachments: Using the cloth steamer attachment with the small cotton cover is great for beds, pillows, sofas, chairs etc. Pass over the area slowly with light contact in order to heat the area being treated and killing the pest and their eggs. The jet tip is great for getting into corners of bed frames, moldings, trim, furniture or any details areas that may be infected.

Gaia Steamer and Vacuum with Accessories

  • 1 Flexible hose with on/off steam switch & on/off vacuum switch
  • 2 Extension wands
  • 1 Multipurpose floor tool for hard surfaces
  • 1 Transparent floor tool for carpet extraction
  • 1 Vacuum driven turbo brush with beater bar
  • 1 Upholstery fabric tool
  • 3 Incrementally sized squeegees
  • 1 Detail nozzle with crevice tool
  • 1 Detail cleaning extension
  • 2 Bristle brushes
  • 1 Atomizer
  • 3 Nylon detail cleaning brushes
  • 1 Stainless steel detail cleaning brush
  • 1 Blower attachment
  • 1 Filler bottle
  • 2 Stainless steel scrubbies
  • 1 Microfiber towel
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