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Three treatments and to monitor sofa bed


Hi i have had 3 treatments ,after first treatment i found 5 alive bed bugs 4 nymphs one stage 3. Second treatment i found one sickly one. Just hard third treatment i found one dead stage 2. They are being found around my sofa bed. They originated in my sons room and my first exterminator told me to get thr mattress right out so i dragged it out across the room to wear my sofa bed is in. My son and i have not hotten bit but my cat has or is having alleegic reaction. I am getting new sofa couch next week but do not know what kind of inceptor can be used on it,has four corners like couch but extra metal bar that touches floor


You’ll definitely need to elevate the metal bar so that it is no longer making contact with the floor. You could try installing wooden blocks or moulding pieces to the sofa’s feet to lift them further up from the ground before fitting them into ClimbUp Interceptors.


Would this work


I’m not familiar with that product and have no indication that it addresses the issue we were discussing.