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Potential Bed Bug?


Help, is this a bed bug? I found it caught in a trap surrounded by dust bunnies. It also looked like little rice grain things were coming out of it. I have had an exterminator inspect the are for bed bugs but he said there were none, then this guy shows up on a trap he set. I am getting bites, but not in clusters. There is also no trace of them on the sheets (e.g. black streaks).



That doesn’t appear to be a bed bug, but I can’t say for sure due to the low quality and resolution of the image.


Hi there. I have a couple of bites that appeared in a cluster. I share the bed and bedroom with someone else, but he has no bites. Do bed bug bites only appear on certain people? Is it possible that others don’t get a reaction?


Yes, only some people react to bed bug bites. About 1 out of 5 people have no reaction at all.