How long can they actually survive without a meal?


Hi everyone, I did see a similar question but still would like to post as the more information on this subject the better. I had the privilege of bringing bed bugs back with me from France from an infested hotel room, to keep it short when I realised I threw my mattress out and proceeded to spray the bed frame, carpets etc with bed bug spray and also covered the carpet and bed frame in insecticidal powder. I also used foggers a few times overnight. I since haven’t slept in my bedroom for 2 and a half years and have been playing the waiting game I know you’re not supposed to vacate your room as they can spread but there has been no signs whatsoever of them in any other room. So my question is have I waited long enough for them to all be dead from starvation? Surely if they had managed to survive this long an infestation would be VERY evident all over the house?


We discussed the bed bugs’ livespan and ability to survive without a meal at length:


Hi Josh, thanks for the video, it is probably the most information I have seen on bed bugs anywhere online. Very useful indeed. So going by that they would almost definitely all be dead by now. Is there ANY chance at all that they could have survived and still be lurking after this long i.e hibernated or found some or source of food under the floorboards etc. Sorry to be a pain but I don’t feel comfortable moving back into my room until I know for sure that they are gone.