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Hoping they aren’t bed bugs


I noticed the bug against the white pillow in my bed first. It was already dead, on its back, and smushed so I couldn’t tell but it was a reddish brown color. Then I noticed the other bug later on near the bed. Are these bed bugs??


Also wanted to add I found these spots on my wedge pillow and pillowcase. Some black spots, some brown. I tried to see if I could get anything on a q-tip with water and also peroxide and nothing smeared, just seen the brown spots get lighter as shown. I searched all over the inside of pillowcase and pillow and seen nothing else. Could be fecal spots???


Hello, and welcome to our forum. That is definitely not a bed bug. It looks more like a cigarette beetle, or possibly a drugstore beetle. Neither of these bite people; drugstore beetles eat hair or leather in the bedroom, while cigarette beetles look for cigarette packets, loose tobacco, cereal, or dried fruit.


Thank you so much for replying! Did you get a chance to look at the spots on the pillowcase and pillow? They look like the typical fecal spots but I’m not sure? I usually see pictures on the internet of a lot of them and that’s all I could find.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine whether or not these are signs of bed bugs or they’re from another of many potential sources.


Ok, I’ll just have to keep a look out for actual bed bugs and more bites. Thanks again for responding!