Help! New bites and is this a bed bug?


Hi! Wow this is beyond awful, I am so happy to find this forum!

Background: I got bed bugs while traveling about 1.5 weeks ago and then I moved hostels a bunch of times. I got rid of my suitcase, bought new and sent everything to be laundered. Told them the situation and that it needed to be put on high heat in the dryer.

5 days went by and the bites cleared and no signs until I started scratching again in a new hostel. Then I left to go home 2 days later. I am now home and the new bites have appeared. I threw out my sneakers and washed/dryed everything again and got rid of my suitcase.

Only this morning I see this bug in the sink. Is this a bed bug??! Is it possible it’s now in my house?! Keep in mind the small dots around the bug are food. I noticed this little guy as I was cleaning a pan.


I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I’m 100% confident that it is not a bed bug. Bed bugs are oval-shaped and have very different leg and antennae shapes. Good luck with the ID and treatment.