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Found tiny brown bug, need help identifying it


I first found this bug crawling on my back. I freaked out and found two more on my mattress. I immediately assumed it was bed bugs so I started washing and steaming everything. Now i’m questioning whether it’s bed bugs or not because I find them casually during the day in my bathroom on the walls and near the ceramic sink. When I kill them, no blood comes out either.

This is the image I took myself of the bug. It’s oval and reddish brown. It doesn’t have a distinct head or legs. The closest thing I could find on the internet that looked like it was this image. Any Help would be great, Thank you!


Hello, and welcome to our forum. While I’m not sure exactly what species that is, I’m 100% confident that it’s not a bed bug. Best of luck with your ID and treatment.


Doesn’t look like it to me. I’m dealing with them now. I think your in the clear