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Do I still have an infestation?


I found out i had bed bugs the first of August. Nest was in my box spring and found 2 bugs in by son’s room( our bdrms are only 2 rooms up stairs), found 1 live one on 1 couch in my living room. In my room, I ripped the fabric off the box spring and threw fabric it away. Anything that could be washed was and ran thru dryer, anything that could be encased in plastic (papers, pics, etc) was. All shoes ran thru dryer. All clothes and shoes were kept out of the bdrm. Baseboards were sprayed, dusted, and caulked. Bed frame was disassembled, steamed, sprayed and dusted(DE). Bare box spring was steamed, sprayed, and dusted, as well as the mattress. Both were then encased with bedbug encasement. Rug was thrown away. Window treatment was taken down, washed and dried. The only thing left in my room is the bed, empty dresser, and misc stuff encased in plastic. My son’s room was stripped and same process was done to his room. His bed has the traps on the legs and I regularly sweep, wash bedding and inspect for bugs. The living room was stripped and cleaned with the same process as well. I tore the fabric off the bottom of all the furniture and inspected each sq. in and never found another one. I regularly sweep, inspect, spray, and dust furniture as well.

The last live bug I found was 4-5wk after treatment in my room. It was on it’s back nearly dead. Since then, the only ones I have found have been dead. I have found about 4 dead adults in my son’s room by his door which is several ft away from his bed. I have found 2 dead adults under the 1 couch in the living room(that was today). In my room, i found a couple dead ones in the beginning of Oct and then about 1/2dz dead ones at the end of Oct., 2-3 a wk later and then today, 1 found 1 dead.

I have been fortunate enough to not have to sleep in my room since I found the bugs. I leave a dusting of DE across the entrance of the bedroom door thinking any live one have to cross it on their way out and will eventually die.

Neither my son or I have had any evidence of bite marks since the day I found them in August.

My question is, are the ones I am finding just some of the dead that have somehow maybe come out due to air blowing them or are there still some still alive and are starving to death? How can I know when they are gone? I’d love to be able to move back into my room someday.


Hello, and welcome to our forum. I’m happy to hear that your treatment is showing results and that you’re (hopefully) near the final stretch. We actually have a recent article discussing how to know when bed bugs are gone: https://www.bedbugsupply.com/blog/faq/when-bed-bugs-are-gone/