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*crossing fingers*


Really hoping this is not what I think it is. We’ve looked all over for any “friends” but don’t see any signs of the others.

I went ahead and vacuumed the area and put down some baking soda while we wait for a reply.


Hello, and welcome to our forum. That is definitely an adult bed bug, so you’ll want to start a full treatment right away. Here is a link to our recommended treatment solution: http://www.bedbugsupply.com/how-to-get-rid-of-bed-bugs-in-4-steps.html


Thank you. This will be our second rodeo with these little vampires. At least last time I knew exactly how we got them. This time is a mystery since we haven’t been anywhere and haven’t had any company. We first noticed them coming out of our recliner so we steam treated it, and swept like crazy in and around it. Then one night my husband tried to lay down in my son’s room who had been battling a nasty cold, and they were in there as well. So I ran the sweeper in there, and started piling up all the bedding and
stuffed animals, and sure enough they were in everything that I moved. Pay day can’t come soon enough.