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Carpet Beetle or Bed Bug?


Yesterday, I noticed a group of small red welts on my the side of my neck, and a little on the back of my head. Doing some quick research, I saw this could be caused by bed bugs. I tore through my bedding and mattress, and even my closet and curtains, and didn’t find much. No blood stains, no oval shells and no odor.

I did, however, find these shells on some clothing and underneath my bed. I have noticed some of the clothes in my closet do have some small holes that I never noticed before. While it’d be annoying to have carpet beetles, I’d rather deal with this than bed bugs.


Hello, and welcome to our forum. None of the bug signs you found appear to be from bed bugs. Further, the skin marks could be from spiders, mites, ticks, or a number of other sources. I’m not confident that they would be from bed bugs.


Thanks, Josh! Well, that’s a relief, for the most part. I suppose steam cleaning the mattress and carpets would still eliminate potential other pests? I am sad to admit that I haven’t dusted for a while, or cleaned off my mattress, so dust mites seem pretty realistic.

I definitely know something has bitten me before for the past months, as I’ve found random bites. This is the first time I found a cluster.