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Can i use salt to kill bed bugs?


i have bed bugs, and my friend told me to try salt. just plain old table salt, nothing special, and spread it over floors, furniture, everything. it’s been a few days, and im not sure if its working. im still getting bites, and im wondering does salt work well on bed bugs?


Hello, and welcome to our forum!

I have heard of salt being used to kill and repel other pests, like fleas and slugs. However, I’m not aware of any cases or studies made that support the use of salt against bed bugs. Naturally, every pest is different, so what works for one may not work for others.

If you tried using salt, and haven’t seen results in a few days, I think it’s safe to assume that it won’t solve your bed bug problem. There are other DIY methods that won’t cost a fortune, but it’s important that you use the right products and follow the right treatment plan, like our 4-step solution. If you have any questions about that plan, please feel free to ask here or give us a call.


Salt probably wont work, and its not safe to spread it all over your home. All that salt will dry your skin up and make the bites worse, and you could get rashes or other bad symptoms. Too much of anything in your environment isnt healthy, so please dont try salt.


even if it did, it won’t get rid of them because they hide in tight crevices in the day. Plus they have an exoskeleton like a roach and I know salt doesn’t kill roaches.


Hi Sudo_sandwich,

I’ve been doing bed bugs for about 5 years and haven’t come across anyone using salt to kill bed bugs. I highly doubt it will do much and can think of 100 better ways to get rid of bed bugs. I always suggest sprays and powders that are registered with the EPA and labeled for bed bugs.


Lavender oil works best to get rid of this bugs. You can easily add fe drops of oil across your bed frame which will not only destroy existing bed bugs but also spread sweet fragrance around.


Actually, lavender oil has been proven over and over again to have no effect on bed bugs. It does not repel them, it does not kill them, and it does not stop them from biting you. It does smell nice, though.


a ten pound bag of food grade diatomaceous earth is almost 20 bucks on amazon. food grade. if your going to spread something around spread that. it will dry there bodies out.


I do not know about salt, but there are easy ways to prevent bed bug attacks. I use a Thermalstrike box (http://www.thermalstrike.com/) that heats all contents inside to 160 degrees, killing all bed bugs and larvae. That is what I would recommend to get rid of bed bugs.


I live in a weekly apartment complex and get attacked by bed bugs once a year. Before bedtime, I cover my skin from head to toe with coconut oil and add full strength lavender oil to it also. It doesn’t kill them but it does repel them. I used to add the lavender oil to a spray bottle mixed with water and spritz myself from head to toe but it doesn’t work as well as the coconut oil because it soaks into my skin too fast and dissipates in just a few hours. The coconut oil stays on all night long. Also lavender oil has a calming effect and helps relieve the stress of the infestation. With this recent infestation, I’m going to remove the bed in the bedroom and broadcast the diatomaceous earth all over the floor, permanently duct tape the electrical outlets, and put all my clothes and bedding in the dryer and run 3 dryer cycles. It should work. Last resort is setting off a flea bomb in the bedroom.


Im in an sro with a perpetual bed bug problem, i dont sleep on a bed, i sleep on the floor so after sweeping I sprinkled clove powder along the floor boards, the next day i found the first casualty, clove powder also works to deter roaches, the only issue is that clove powder gives out pretty high headaches