Bedbugs at work


First, let me start by saying I am on a “terrified of bedbugs” kick lately, so I’m constantly on guard. I don’t have the normal outlook on this issue and I struggle from OCD and anxiety. A coworker who I work closely with on a daily basis (often sits in an upholstered chair in my office) just returned home from NYC. He mentioned the name of the hotel he stayed in, and I googled it only to discover it is notorious for bedbugs. I’ve traveled with him many times in the past and know that he does not take precautions. Now I’m absolutely terrified that he brought home bugs, will get an infestation in his home, and will spread it to me via his frequent use of my office furniture. I cannot very well express this to him and I know I can’t avoid him stopping by my office. How should I protect myself and my own home? Right now I feel like burning the lovely sofa chair I have in my office and replacing it with something unpenetrable by bugs!


Hello. We have a brief but effective guide on how to prevent bed bug infestations, both while at home and while traveling.