How do I diagnose a bed bug bite?


Bed bug bites are simple to diagnose as long as you know what to look for. Confirming that the bites are from bed bugs is the first step in your treatment process; once you’re sure that you are being bitten by bed bugs, you’ll want to get started with our 4-step solution right away.

Appearance: Bed bug bites are round, red, and bump up from the skin. They look very similar to mosquito bites, and the two bites are commonly mixed up. The center of the bites are often a darker shade of red, and are about the size of a ballpoint pen tip.

Placement: Bed bug bites generally appear as lines or clusters. The most common grouping is what experts refer to as a “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” cluster; this is caused by bed bugs feeding for a few minutes, then moving to another spot before returning to their nest. Bites appear on exposed skin, like the arms and underarms, neck, and face.

Reaction: The bite itself will usually be painless, as bed bug saliva contains chemicals that numb the skin and prevent blood clotting. Reactions to the bites differ from person to person - some don’t react at all, while others experience severe itching or blistering.

Treatment: Usually, no treatment of the bites is required. If you experience severe itching, try applying a corticosteroid cream, or taking an antihistamine. Bacterial infections can occur after heavy scratching, and may require antibiotics. Consult your dermatologist for the best recommendations for your needs.

bed bug bites

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