CimeXa Insecticide Dust (Residual Powder)

CimeXa Insecticide Dust (Residual Powder)
CimeXa Insecticide Dust (Residual Powder)


CimeXa Insecticide Dust (Residual Powder)

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CimeXa's engineered silica composition achieves rapid control while remaining viable for up to ten years (when undisturbed). With its broad label usage, CimeXa Insecticide Dust is a comprehensive asset for pest elimination to service professionals, and is now available to residential users as well.
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Key Features:
  • Kills bed bug adults, nymphs and hatchlings – including pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Odorless, non-staining, and will not absorb water vapor except in very high humidity conditions
  • Easy to apply - can be used as a dust or mixed with water and sprayed
  • Low toxicity, engineered silica base
  • Much better consistency and over three times faster compared to diatomaceous earth
  • Remains viable for up to 10 years when undisturbed

Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

Choosing the right bed bug powder used to be easy, because there used to only be one on the market: diatomaceous earth. Now that’s changed, with CimeXa rapidly growing in popularity.

CimeXa is a uniquely engineered silica dust that’s similar to diatomaceous earth, but with a few twists and upgrades that make it worth consideration. Like diatomaceous earth, CimeXa is a residual powder that clings to bed bugs that come in contact with it, and absorbs the waxy cuticle on their shells, causing dehydration and death. What sets CimeXa apart is how quickly it works. In testing, CimeXa has been shown to kill bed bugs over three times faster, which helps ensure that bed bugs won’t have a chance to feed and repopulate.

CimeXa can be applied as a dust, like diatomaceous earth, or can be mixed with water and applied through a hand-pumped sprayer. Once applied, CimeXa can remain effective for up to 10 years as long as it’s left undisturbed. There’s no odor or staining, and it won’t absorb water vapor except in very high humidity conditions. Cimexa may be used as a liquid spray by combining 1 lb of the powder with 1 gallon of clean water. Apply approximately 1 quart of solution per 250 square feet of area to be treated.

Product Information

CimeXa is made up of a unique silica powder, which destroys the waxy cuticle of insects, causing rapid dehydration and death. CimeXa has been shown to kill bed bugs over three times faster than diatomaceous earth, and offers a better consistency as well.

CimeXa can be applied as a dust, like diatomaceous earth, or can be mixed with water and applied as a spray. Once it's applied, CimeXa can remain effective for up to 10 years as long as it's left undisturbed.

Where to Apply:
  • - Joints and cracks of bed frame
  • - Tufts, folds, and edges of mattress
  • - Tufts, edges, and interior of box spring
  • - Behind headboards
  • - Around and behind picture frames or other wall hangings
  • - In hollow furniture legs
  • - Along moldings
  • - Along baseboards
  • - In wall voids
  • - Along cracks and crevices
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Questions and Answers

Q: Who carries this product. I've searched and searched. I live in new castle pa. 16101
Asked by: Patricia - 10/31/2014
I'm not sure who carries it in your area, but we offer free shipping and can ship it to you quickly.
Q: Huge spider infection in storage garage: countless nests, too. Will this destroy both live and eggs?
Asked by: A. - 6/22/2015
No powder insecticide would be effective against eggs. You would need to use CimeXa alongside a residual spray labeled for spider eggs.
Q: Can this be used around pets? DE can safely be put on pets. Space can just be put on pets?
Asked by: Sherry - 9/15/2015
All of our products are safe to use around pets, as long as you follow the instructions on their labels. However, none of our products should be applied directly on pets. That is not instructed, advised, or safe regardless of whether or not the product is natural, non-toxic, or anything else.
Q: Is this product any less effective when mixed with water? I want it to cover a large area and thought it would be easier to apply that way, and potentially more discreet.
Asked by: Katie VandenBerg - 7/28/2016
CimeXa shouldn't be any less effective after being mixed with water, since it doesn't actually dissolve or "mix" at all. It's simply transported by the water and stays in place after the water evaporates.
Q: Should this work on fleas as well?
Asked by: Josh - 10/19/2016
Yes, CimeXa is labeled for use against fleas. Make sure to follow the label instructions that specifically address flea treatments.
Q: Can CimeXa be sprayed where I already put down diatamaceous earth?
Asked by: Enre - 4/27/2017
Technically yes, but it would be a bit redundant. CimeXa and diatomaceous earth are nearly identical in form and function.
Q: I want to use Cimexa as a spray and am wondering where to put it in relation to Crossfire. Can one be used on top of another, ie baseboards and edge of carpet, or should they be used in separate areas?
Asked by: Mary Lou - 7/17/2018
Cimexa and Crossfire can both be used in the same areas. Each product's labels have instructions on application that need to be followed.
Q: What respirator would you recommend using when applying this product?
Asked by: PhoenixRising - 11/24/2018
We don't have specific recommendations for respirators and other PPE, as long as they meet NIOSH approval and the appropriate regulatory standards.
Q: How would you clean this up? Would it damage vaccuum cleaners?
Asked by: Arty - 8/26/2019
It could clog a vacuum cleaner due to its varying density. However, CimeXa should only be applied to joints and crevices where you won't need to vacuum it anyway.
Q: After spread this pouder, can i breathe in the room? will it be harmful to breethe?
Asked by: rre - 11/16/2019
Do not spread the powder all over the room or overapply it in any other way such that it would be thick in the air. Please read and follow the included product label and MSDS for safe and effective usage.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
We have always used DE for years in our old house. We used to breed Canaries and they are extremely sensitive to any type of insecticide. This product works a lot faster than DE which is nice. I would recommend this product and company to anyone. Great service from the company and very helpful with all questions.
Reviewed by:  from Lafayette, IN.
5/ 5stars
Cimexa Dust
Cimexa is extremely effective in eliminating bed bugs and at a cheap price. I actually bought some back in May from this site and used it to treat two bedrooms that had become infested (we also used the mattress covers). Within days I could no longer find living bugs in the rooms and to this day the rooms are clean. My only regret is that I didn't buy more of the product to treat the entire home. We found some more bed bugs in the living room on a piece of furniture that I suspect may have been our original infestation source - I used what little Cimexa I had left on the furniture and in the rest of the room but I think I may need another bottle to complete the job. Again, Cimexa works great, I just needed a little more of it.
Reviewed by:  from Mesa AZ.
5/ 5stars
Hands down the BEST bed bug treatment product on the market BAR NONE!!!
YEAH YEAH, We've all heard the accolades of Diatomaceous earth and how it's the best "go to" treatment for bed bugs. well, I've got news for you, this leaves DE in the dust. hehe. Ok, I will take you down the rabbit hole of our bedbug hell. I'm no idiot. I've tried things and used empirical evidence to support a conclusion. We got bed bugs when we got a free king sized mattress that had been left behind by a tenant of the apartment we moved into. Had I know the hell that would follow, I wouldn't have moved into the apartment. The bed was infested and little did I know, that meant the entire house was infested. When I was finally able to identify the "mosquito bites" or rash that had magically appeared, I did a lot of extensive research to properly fight the pest and eradicate it. Now, I'm one of those people that the bites affect badly, so I was suffering quite a lot. My first purchase was an encasement for the bed and box springs. absolutely mandatory. You have to isolate any bugs away from you. Second mandatory purchase are climb up interceptors for the legs of your bed and furniture. Once you isolate your bed, then you can begin treatment. I tried alcohol, bedlam sprays, pretty much every expensive spray under the sun that you can purchase as an individual without a license. sure, the sprays did kill the bugs, but the damn things hide in every conceivable crack and nook. Sure, you spray the cracks and nooks with the sprays and it'll kill for a short while. But Cimexa, now that's an entirely different story. DE takes a bit of time to kill the bugs. Cimexa isn't instantaneous, but it DOES kill them every time they touch it. Lay a thin layer of Cimexa around the perimeter of your room. lay a thin dusting around anything you suspect may have bugs hidden in them and let the stuff do it's work. Put some in your climb up interceptors and around your bedframe and inside your encasements. Literally create an impenetrable barrier around yourself and let the bugs come to you, through the dust to their death. We fought for 2 YEARS using traditional DE and other treatments to no effect, however after using Cimexa, we stopped seeing them. It's now been a year since we've seen a bug in our rooms (and I mean ANY bug) though we still keep the interceptors and cimexa in place. I have a spare bottle i keep around for emergencies and have even started using it to get rid of bugs in my garden and hydroponics. The evidence showed a slight decrease with every single product but ultimately didn't provide the final solution. Cimexa did. I am a firm believer that Cimexa ALONE if used correctly and over time, will completely rid you of your bed bug problem. The bugs will always come seeking food (you) and as long as your protected by a barrier of dust of cimexa, while they may get you here and there, they have sealed their fate by walking over the cimexa to get to you to feast and it will be the last thing they do. Just like laying landmines around a fortified base, as the enemy continues to send troops your way, eventually they will have no more troops to send and you will have won by attrition. Oh also, make sure to adequately dust the inside of your furniture as well. Literally any place you "hang" that will provide a food source they can reach, will harbor the bugs, so do yourself a favor and spray Cimexa inside the couch and such too. You will want a dust mask as it hangs in the air for quite a long time it's so light.
Reviewed by:  from Billings, MT.
2/ 5stars
The Cimexa bottles that I ordered had Cimexa residue all over the containers. Very dissatisfied.
Reviewed by:  from 1858 S. Allport St..
5/ 5stars
Received promptly and it works great. Also, had a conversation on Live Chat with Stacey and she answered all my questions and was very helpful. This website is a must to BOOKMARK! Great info and helpful in fighting off those bed bugs. Am working on my 30 days without seeing any. Fingers crossed!!!
Reviewed by:  from .
5/ 5stars
I like this one. It is really work
Reviewed by:  from miami.
4/ 5stars
CimeXa Review
I used this product to apply along the baseboards of my home. Easy to use, hopeful of the results.
Reviewed by:  from Baltimore.
5/ 5stars
bed bug power
worked good
Reviewed by:  from pittsburgh pa.
5/ 5stars
CimeXa Insecticide Dust
Received the product in a timely manner. Thanks!
Reviewed by:  from Florida.
5/ 5stars
Cimexa Powder
Studied and searched for remedies to bed bug problem, learned DE does not kill them soley, Cimexa tests proved working alone it killed the bed bugs, as long as there is no disruption, took a couple weeks to actually not see any bugs but has done what it promised so far, about two weeks into my battle.
Reviewed by:  from Flagstaff, AZ.