Bed Bug Plug Active Monitor and Trap

Bed Bug Plug Active Monitor and Trap
Bed Bug Plug Active Monitor and Trap


Bed Bug Plug Active Monitor and Trap

Bed Bug Plug is the only device of its kind designed specifically to capture and detect bed bugs before they become a nightmare using heat and a clever glue trap that can be easily inspected by you or your staff. Small, portable, lab tested and proven, the Bed Bug Plug uses no poisons or harsh chemicals to attract and capture bed bugs.

Rutgers University

Lab-tested and proven by top entomologists at Rutgers Univsersity!

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Key Features:
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Works 24/7 to monitor for bed bugs using heat
  • Includes a glue trap that works for 3 months
  • Non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets
  • Lab-tested and proven to work by Rutgers University

Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

It's not always easy to know exactly when you get bed bugs, but the best way to beat a bed bug infestation is to catch it early. Manual inspections aren't always an accurate way to determine if you have an infestation, and waiting until bite marks appear isn’t enough since they don’t appear for everyone and when they do, it’s actually a few days after the feeding occurred before you see or feel a bite.

That's where active bed bug monitors come in: these are simple devices that use heat and/or chemicals to draw bed bugs out of hiding by imitating a human host. This is especially effective in unoccupied rooms, when a real host isn't available for bed bugs to feed on. The problem is that many of these monitors aren’t consistently effective, and the ones that are tend to be pretty expensive and difficult to use, especially over a long period of time. They also haven’t been very easy to blend into your home in the past — the monitors professionals have been using up to now look like something serious is going on. Thankfully, we now have the Bed Bug Plug.

Unlike other bed bug monitoring systems, the Bed Bug Plug is designed to be easy to use and to blend in with a home or hotel environment. The Bed Bug Plug combines a lab-tested and proven heating solution with a sticky glue trap in a single, compact device that can be powered by a wall outlet. In three different tests conducted by top entomologists at Rutgers University, the Bed Bug Plug was more effective than other top traps on the market by a huge margin. The unique heating solution built into the device and the reliable trap installed right up against it really works.

There’s nothing else available today that’s quite like the Bed Bug Plug. No other active monitoring solution is as affordable, effective, and easy to use long-term, and the fact that the Bed Bug Plug so easily hides in plain sight is just a cherry on top. For any sort of long-term bed bug monitoring in a home or hotel room, the Bed Bug Plug is a no-brainer.

The bed bug plug is available in a Discreet (No branding visible) version, which is very popular for hotels as they can be setup on the back of night stands and plugged into the wall without any markings or logos, which would indicate to the guest what it's intended purpose of the device is. The bed bug plug has been deployed at hotel chains across the country offering each property a way to detect bed bugs quickly before it becomes a problem reducing guest complaints, bad reviews and refunds.

Product Information

Catch bed bugs early and beat them faster with the Bed Bug Plug! Designed as both an early detection device and an active bed bug monitor, the Bed Bug Plug is the first of its kind: a discreet thermal lure that can run 24/7 for months to trap any bed bugs that enter the area.

Using Bed Bug Plug™ is safe and easy! Simply place the device in a discreet location under or beside your bed, and then plug it in, that’s it! You and your family are now protected from bed bugs 24/7. You can rest easy knowing that you’re safe from an unexpected and unwanted bed bug infestation.

Rutgers University

Lab-tested and proven by top entomologists at Rutgers Univsersity!

Bed Bug Plug on bed headboard

What's included with the Bed Bug Plug

Each Bed Bug Plug™ device comes with:

  • The Bed Bug Plug™ patented early detection device
  • An AC Adapter Plug
  • 2 Bed Bug Plug™ Adhesive Strips — that won’t damage your mattress or furniture!
  • Travel Box for on-the-go protection
  • Glue Cartridge for capturing bed bugs inside the device
  • Complete instructions for easy setup
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

For Homeowners:

Install a Bed Bug Plug in each bedroom to lure and capture bed bugs before they become a problem for you and your family. Treating an infestation can cost hundreds or thousands more if caught in an advanced stage — and since bed bugs multiply in just weeks, that doesn't take long to reach!

Bed Bug Plugs are non-toxic and safe for use in children's rooms, bedrooms, and other sensitive areas. Simply inspect the glue traps regularly and replace them every three months so that the Bed Bug Plug can continue monitoring effectively. If a trap has bed bugs on it, you'll know which room to act in — and not a moment too soon!

For Property Managers:

Active monitoring is key to minimizing the cost and time of bed bug treatments — both for prevention and for treatment after a space has been vacated. The patented thermal lure in the Bed Bug Plug is proven to catch bed bugs early in their occupation of a room, which can reduce the time needed to detect an infestation or even prevent one from taking root in the first place.

A modern bed bug prevention protocol must include long-term monitoring and inspection of rooms after a resident or guest has left to ensure bed bugs aren't present before the room is occupied again. The Bed Bug Plug makes this easy: simply inspect the general area and check the glue traps in each Bed Bug Plug. If a bed bug is found, you can act quickly to eliminate the infestation before it spreads to other rooms.


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Questions and Answers

Q: How many square feet is one device for? I have a 3200sqft house. Would one do the job?
Asked by: CH - 6/13/2020
We suggest one per room where bed bugs have been identified or believed to be or every 100 s.f.

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5/ 5stars
Caught those buggers
I have a hotel so I set them up in each room and have had them inspected by my staff once a week. Bed bugs are unavoidable, but we have been able to detect them quickly before guests complain. This has saved use countless refunds and bad reviews. These are peace of mind for any property owner.
Reviewed by:  from Coral Springs.