Professional Bed Bug Kit (Commercial Application) With New Bedlam Plus *ON SALE"

Professional Bed Bug Kit (Commercial Application) With New Bedlam Plus  *ON SALE"
Professional Bed Bug Kit (Commercial Application) With New Bedlam Plus *ON SALE'


Professional Bed Bug Kit (Commercial Application) With New Bedlam Plus *ON SALE"

Kill Bed Bugs Like The Pros With Our Commercial Bed Bug Kit.

Having the right tools to kill bed bugs is essential to success, which is why Bed Bug Supply offers bed bug kits allowing you to kill your beds bugs while saving hundreds of dollars doing it yourself. We've helped thousands of people rid themselves of bed bugs and we can help you do the same. We not only offer products to kill bed bugs, but also provide videos and tutorials on how to treat bed bug infestations step by step. We can also be reached by phone toll free at (866) 238-9868 or by email at [email protected].
Includes the newest formulation of Bedlam - Bedlam Plus - which kills all strains of bed bugs including the more difficult New Jersey and Ohio strains.
This kit contains enough product for 3 complete treatments.

Our Bed Bug Kits Include All 3 Necessary Product Classifications:

Contacts: Knock down the population quickly

Residuals: Continue to kill for up to 12 weeks

Powder: Applied inside cracks and crevices
Please select an option below:
Upgrade powder
JT Eaton 4 lb. Powder (included)
Upgrade to 4 CimeXa 4 oz. Dust (+$14.99)
Upgrade spray
JT Eaton Kills BedBugs Pyrethrin Spray (included)
Upgrade to New JT Eaton Ultra Contact + Residual Spray (no charge)
Our Price: $309.89


Key Features:
  • Features only EPA registered, professional-strength bed bug killers
  • Includes enough product for 3 treatments in up to 8 rooms
  • Contact killers cut down the bed bug population within 24 hours
  • Residual sprays and powder kill for months after the treatments
  • Effective against all strains of bed bugs

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Our complete bed bug kit includes all the powders and sprays needed to treat your home like a professional throughout the initial treatment as well as 2 follow up treatments. Powder and spray treatments are broken down into 3 key segments, which include: Contacts, Residuals and Powder. These key components make up a cocktail approach that effectively and quickly knockdown the population while establishing a long lasting residual defense.

The first key component included in our kit are our contact killers JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs and Steri-Fab, which uses natural pyrethrum and an alcohol based synthetic pyrethroid to kill off a large percentage of the population within the first 24 hours. Although contact killers do a great job to knockdown the population, they only last for up to 24 hours.

JT Eaton Kills bed bugs is used in cracks and crevices and along the baseboards while Steri-Fab used to treat the mattress before encasements are applied or to treat carpeting or floors, furniture and other more delicate items. SteriFab is popular because it can be applied easily and dries quickly leaving no residue behind.

The second key component necessary to kill bed bugs are residuals, which kill slower, but remain active for a longer period of time (1-2 weeks). Included in the kit is the all-new Bedlam Plus, which is the most recent formulation against bed bugs and currently has no resistant strains of bed bugs (please see our illustration of the bedroom below showing areas where each spray or powder may be used). Bedlam Plus is labeled to be used along the folds and tufts of mattresses and box springs and can also be used to treat other fabric items such as sofas, chairs and the edges of carpeting. Bedlam Plus should be sprayed only in areas that will not come into future contact with skin (for example if your treating a sofa spray the edges and bottoms of the cushions and not where you sit). Bedlam Plus establishes a long lasting residual defense that will kill bed bugs for up to 2 weeks. Bedlam Plus can also be used along baseboards, cracks and crevices.

The final key component included in the kit is powder. Powder is used to set up a perimeter defense within the walls, cracks and crevices where bed bug may cross over. Included in the kit is a professional powder application allowing you to gain access into tight areas including inside the walls by access of the electrical plates (always ensure the power is off before removing the electrical plates). Powder can also be used between the carpeting and the baseboards one the residual and contact sprays are fully dry (you don't want to get the powder wet or it will not work).

The bed bug kit includes enough sprays and powders to complete 3 full treatments every 2 weeks. This ensures that all bed bug life cycles including the unborn bed bugs that were still in their eggs at the start of the treatment will be killed. This kit is intended to be used in conjunction with our Bed Bug 4-Step Protocol that includes mattress and box spring encasements, Climbup Insect interceptors and preferably a steamer.

Always read and adhere to the instructions on the product's label to ensure proper and safe usage.

Product Information

Contact Sprays

- Fast Knockdown Approach
2 x Gallons of J.T Eaton Kills BedBugs (pyrethrin spray)
JT Eaton Bed Bug Killer is an excellent contact killer harnessing natural pyrethrin and a fine evaporating oil base to kill any strain of bed bug fast. This is important when dealing with an initial treatment to knockdown a good portion of the population within the first 24 hours. We like to use J.T Eaton Red in areas that do not come in contact with your skin including cracks, crevices, baseboards etc.

Application: Spray mattresses lightly, particularly around tufts and seams. Take beds apart and spray in all joints. Treat baseboards, moldings and floors. Repeat treatment as needed.
1 x Gallon of STERI-FAB Bed Bug Spray
STERI-FAB has been used as an effective contact bed bug killer for many years and is popular for the fact that it evaporates within minutes leaving no residual behind. We like to use STERI-FAB to treat more sensitive areas like areas that enter in contact with your skin, like mattresses, sofas cushions, chairs etc.

Application: The infested areas should be sprayed thoroughly and repeatedly, directing the spray into all crevices, cracks, hiding places, seams, creases and folds.

Residual Sprays

- Continuous to kill for up to 12 weeks
4 x Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Insecticide Spray NEWEST FORMULATION OF BEDLAM
Unlike most bed bug kits on the market, our kit includes the Newest formulation of Bedlam called Bedlam Plus. Bedlam Plus is a new aerosol insecticide by MGK offering a longer lasting residual than the original Bedlam with the addition of Imidacloprid. This longer lasting residual additive along with an updated formulation gives Bedlam Plus the ability to kill all stages of bed bugs, their eggs and even pyrethroid resistant bed bugs for up to 2 weeks.

Application: Apply on or around baseboards, cracks, crevices, bed frames, box springs, headboards, bottoms of seat cushions, moldings, edges of the carpet and picture frames. Allow spray to dry before reuse (always review label for complete information).
4 x JT Eaton Kills Bed Bug Plus Spray Aerosol
JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus is the latest spray by JT Eaton offering up to a 12 week residual in a convenient aerosol form. It's non-staining water-based formulation can be applied to sofas, chairs, mattresses, curtains and carpeting.

Application: Apply on carpets, furniture, tufts and folds on mattresses, drapes, cracks and crevices. Allow spray to dry before reuse (always review label for complete information)


- Long lasting ridual killer. Keeps killing bed bugs as long as the product remains dry
1 x 4 Pound Bag of J.T Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Powder (Diatomaceous Earth - residual powder)
JT Eaton Natural Bed Bug Powder kills bed bug by attaching itself to the outer shell of the bed bug where it dehydrates and kills the bed bug. What's great about the powder is there are no resistant strains of bed bugs to this treatment and it's all natural. Another great feature is unlike other powders it will continue to kill indefinitely unless it becomes wet.

Application: Apply on and around hard to reach areas and places where sprays cannot be used including behind appliances, inside electrical outlets (not where you put the plug) and behind picture frames. Can also be applied to inside the walls to help prevent bed bugs from spreading.
1 x Green Professional Powder Applicator
The Bed Bug Powder Applicator is key to spreading bed bug powder into hard to reach cracks and crevices.
Total cost of separate items: $309.89
You save $69.94!

Questions and Answers

Q: How many rooms does this treat. Commerical Professional Kit?
Asked by: D - 1/6/2014
The commercial kit can generally treat up to 8 rooms. This varies depending on the number of spot treatments needed, the size of the room, and the number of applications (we recommend 3 applications total, separated by 2 weeks each).
Q: are these products safe to use around babies and toddlers?
Asked by: krystal - 5/7/2019
Yes, as long as you read and follow the instructions provided by each product's label and MSDS.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
Completely wiped out our infestation. Very important to get the interceptors and the encasements also.
Reviewed by:  from baltimore, md.
5/ 5stars
This Stuff Really Works!!! Part1
I ordered this product in mid-Janurary 2010. I previously had a beg bug infestation from around March 2009, when my wife first started being bitten multiply times every night, till about Feburary 2010. My son and I seemed to be somewhat unaffected by bed bugs bites (we never noticed any bites on us). Before we decided to purchase this product, we contacted two local terminator company regarding our bed bugs problems and both estimates we received were over $1100 to treat our house on 3 (part1)
Reviewed by:  from Tallahassee.
5/ 5stars
B B kit
Your kit arrived quickly. I had already watched your videos. They were very helpful. Did everything just as you said. So far so good thank Heaven! Also liked the unmarked package.
Reviewed by:  from Earleville MD.
5/ 5stars
Bed Bug Kit
The products work great.
Reviewed by:  from Euless.
5/ 5stars
Bed bug kit
I am just so grateful to have a company like yourself that I can depend on when it comes to bed bugs. It is good to know that you are continually coming up with new and better products to eradicate these pests. I also appreciate the chat line when I have questions. Thanks you so much for being available. Without you, I would be insane right about now.
Reviewed by:  from 4828 Bowland Avenue.
5/ 5stars
Bedbug treatment
I received my bedbug supply very quickly. I treated the area the first time and have not seen any bedbugs. I bought the traps for under the bed legs and they have been clear. I will do the second treatment in 5 days. I am very happy with the results.
Reviewed by:  from Indiana.
5/ 5stars
Bed Bug Free!
I had a terrible problem with bed bugs, so terrible in fact that they were attacking within a couple minutes anytime someone sat down. I had been using a product purchased at my local Farmer's Co-op store, which was a huge waste of money. I bought the kit4-5 Professional Bed Bug Kit (Commercial Application) With Bedlam Plus and noticed a difference right away. I used per instructions and was bed bug free after 4 applications. It has been a year since that first application and am proud to report that I am still bed bug free.
Reviewed by:  from Arkansas.
1/ 5stars
no items
I would be happy to review this product if I had received it. I was impressed with your 1-2-3-4 steps to rid house of bed bugs and eagerly ordered the kit. However, the kit has still not been sent in all parts so I cannot complete all the steps and this compromises the ability to completly get rid of these bugs. What is the problem? This is the second time I have quesioned this order.
Reviewed by:  from 3669 sutter court oceanside ca.
5/ 5stars
The product we purchased was the bed bug kit it arrived in three days and we followed your instructions for best way to apply and use the products. After doing so we have not seen any bedbugs or signs of bedbugs and best of all no one is being bitten. Our bedbug nightmare started after my so returned from a boy scout camp in Virginia you never think something like this will infect your home and cause such problems. When we contacted Orkin they wanted $2600.00 to treat our house and would only guarantee the process for 30 days. We are so glad we found your company.
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina.
5/ 5stars
Worked for Us!
This worked great! We have a big house 5 bedrooms plus a theater room and a play room and this was more than enough to treat our house even twice. I have not seen any bugs reappear since we have sprayed. I definitely recommend these products.
Reviewed by:  from Dallas.