Verifi Bed Bug Detector (Discontinued)

Verifi Bed Bug Detector (Discontinued)
Verifi Bed Bug Detector (Discontinued)


Verifi Bed Bug Detector (Discontinued)

Introducing the Verifi™ bed bug detector, the world’s first active device to provide up to 90 days of ongoing bed bug detection. Surprisingly affordable, discreet and easy to use, Verifi will change the way you look at bed bug detection forever.

Each Complete Verifi Unit Includes Everything You Need Including a CO2 Booster Pack and Verifi Pheromone / Kairomone Lure

(Returns are not accepted on opened Verifi detectors, even if unused)
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The new Verifi Bed Bug Monitor and Trap by FMC is one of the most exciting new active bed bug monitors to hit the market recently. Having been studied by several universities and entomologist including Dr. Philip G. Koehler at the University of Florida, the Verifi unit has been proven effective in detecting bed bugs for up to 90 days. The Verifi Bed Bug Detector is easy to use and will be popular for residences, hotels, cruise ships, shelters, hospitals and other areas where early detection is desired.

Unlike other active monitors, the Verifi Bed Bug Monitor uses a combination of 3 different attractants proven to attract all stages of bed bugs. These attractants include a CO2, pheromone and kairomone lure. The CO2 and kairomone lure is used to mimic their ideal blood meal source while the pheromone lure encourages bed bugs to gather and congregate in or behind the unit.

The Verifi bed bug monitor has two areas that may be inspected for the presence of bed hugs. One is the top pitfall of the unit where bedbugs attracted to the device will fall in and not be able to climb out. The other area for inspection is the harborage area on the back of the device, which provides an ideal area for bed bugs to hide. The back harborage area of the unit is not a trap and will only signal there are bed bugs present through fecal matter, eggs or shells bed bugs leave behind.

What we like about the unit is that it's completely reusable as each of the attractants can be replaced quickly and easily. It also has a zip tie to help prevent the unit from being opened or tampered with. We feel the zip tie feature will be popular for hotels, hospitals apartments and cruise ships.

When setting up be sure to follow the instruction or simply watch the video provided on this page. The CO2 booster pack works for a full 24 hours and is used to help quickly detect an infestation. Once the CO2 booster pack completes its 24 hour cycle the remaining kairomone and pheromone lures will continue to attract bed bugs for a full 90 days. We recommend installing the monitor on the wall directly beside the bed or on the headboard. The unit comes with a convenient one time self adhesive allowing you to attach the unit to most flat surfaces.

We highly recommend watching the two videos on this page as they do a great job explaining the product, how to install the device and what to expect. The Verifi Bed Bug Monitor and Trap is not considered a treatment for bed bugs and is used primarily as a detection device. Once bed bugs have been detected our Bed Bug 4-Step Protocol should then be implemented. Early detection is the key to catching an infestation early making the Verifi Bed Bug Detector an essential tool for almost anyone. It's also simple to use as the pheromone and kairomone booster packs only need to be replaced just 4 times a year. If you have any questions about the Verifi Bed Bug Detector or any of our products please feel free to contact one of our bed bug experts by phone or live chat.

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Product Information


The Verifi® bed bug detector offers homeowners and property managers huge new advantages over traditional detection methods. Not only is Verifi a more affordable, more discreet way to determine if a bed bug infestation is present, it works around the clock to help give you continuous peace of mind.

Featuring replaceable attractants, the Verifi bed bug detector is the first device to provide ongoing detection for up to 90 days at a time. Your pest management professional can quickly and easily replace the attractants on a regular basis for year-round monitoring. Designed to fit behind beds and other furnishings and operate silently, the Verifi bed bug detector won’t disturb occupants in a room.

Even if you don’t currently have bed bugs, the continuous detection of the Verifi bed bug detector helps alert you to any newly-introduced bed bug populations at an earlier stage. Early detection of bed bugs can increase the success and decrease the cost of your treatment program.


The Verifi® bed bug detector offers pest management professionals huge new advantages over traditional detection methods. Discreet, affordable and very effective, the Verifi bed bug detector makes finding bed bugs in the early stages of infestation a possibility for more professionals than ever.

The Verifi bed bug detector is the first device ever to provide up to 90 days of active detection, at which point its attractants can be replaced and detection can continue. In this way, the Verifi bed bug detector creates a totally new opportunity for ongoing services, leading to more successful customer relationships and additional revenue.

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Questions and Answers

Q: does this thing get rid of the bed bugs or just let u know their there?
Asked by: Ed - 11/16/2013
This product is strictly for monitoring and detection. It will not help in getting rid of the bed bugs if an infestation is present.
Q: The co2 cartridge lasts for 24 hrs? Do you have to replace it each day? Your ad copy says "up to 90 days..." Not clear what's happening.
Asked by: bugged mom - 5/29/2014
The CO2 booster cartridge would need to be replaced every 24 hours if you want to use carbon dioxide continuously. The kairomone lure cartridge is capable of lasting up to 90 days, which is why our text says that the monitor can work continuously for that long. Both lure types are included in the purchase of a Verifi monitor, and replacements for each are available for purchase separately.
Q: Do you need to sleep outside of the room where you install the monitor?
Asked by: worried - 9/17/2014
While it's not unsafe or unhealthy to be in the same room as a working monitor, it might make the monitor less effective, since your body is a stronger lure. For that reason, it's best to only use active monitors in unoccupied rooms.
Q: When using this product can you still sleep in the room your using the co2 in?
Asked by: Rory - 4/8/2015
It's safe to do so, but it's possible that you will attract bed bugs to your bed instead of to the detector, since your body is a much larger and more attractive lure to bed bugs.
Q: The EPA recommends only using treatments which have been approved for use in the detection and treatment of bed this product EPA approved?
Asked by: Leigh - 4/24/2015
Yes, this product is approved and regulated by the EPA. You can check the end of the MSDS to confirm that.

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5/ 5stars
Co-Owner & CSO
It is great to see the unit work as well in the field as we were hoping it would. This opened some doors to add-on services and revenues that everyone involved benifits from. A couple of design features that we would like to see improved on. The first would be to incorporate the puncturing device used to release the Caramone/Pherimone into the holding space on the unit. The securing straps need to be longer. A clear plastic snap on cover to secure caught Bed Bugs on top of the unit is needed or the use of double faced tape in the catch tray to ensure that no Bed Bugs escape.
Reviewed by:  from 835 W. Genesee St. Syracuse, NY.
5/ 5stars
Oh yeah, it works
This thing attracts bedbugs of every size, from tiny white ones to full grown. If there are bedbugs nearby, it will tell you. They stay alive in the trap, so you can try your favorite insecticide on them. I haven't measured whether the lures actually last for 90 days, but they do last for several weeks at least.
Reviewed by:  from South Florida.
5/ 5stars
Property Manager
Works surprisingly good! I couldn't find any bugs but knew I was getting bit. I caught 2 bugs in the trap on the 2nd day and haven't gotten bit since then.
Reviewed by:  from NYC.
5/ 5stars
What a great product! It works the best of everything I have tried. I just ordered another one. Highly recommended!!
Reviewed by:  from Pennsylvania.
5/ 5stars
bed bud detector
I put the box out in a room I know I have them in and I didn't get any bed bugs ln it . There isn't any one down in the basement so they don't have a host to feed on either
Reviewed by:  from 5354 Route F anderson mo.
2/ 5stars
I am skeptical. Haven't caught anything yet.
Reviewed by:  from Seattle.
5/ 5stars
Reviewed by:  from Seattle.
4/ 5stars
verify detector
Everything goes together ok but the print on the instructions is too small, it's hard to read
Reviewed by:  from stamford ct.
5/ 5stars
Love Product..Recommending Products To Friends & Family. Will Be Purchasing More.. EXCELLENT SERVICE & TRANSACTION THANKS BBS
Reviewed by:  from USA.