SteamFast SF-275 Steamer (44 PSI) DISCONTINUED

SteamFast SF-275 Steamer (44 PSI) DISCONTINUED
SteamFast SF-275 Steamer (44 PSI) DISCONTINUED


SteamFast SF-275 Steamer (44 PSI) DISCONTINUED

The Steamfast SF-275 is our least expensive long reach canister steamer and offers the attachments needed to kill bed bugs. (44 PSI)
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Key Features:
  • 45 Minutes Continuous Steam Time
  • Attachments To Conquer Nearly Any Small To Medium Size Bed Bug Problem
  • High Temperature Killing Power Without Chemicals
  • Also Ideal For Deep Cleaning Tasks Throughout The Home
  • Steam-On-Demand Trigger With Locking Switch
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Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

The SF-275 is a nice steamer with attachments necessary to kill bed bugs effectively. Along with being an effective steamer for bed bugs, the SF-275 is also a great multi-purpose cleaner for floors, kitchens and bathrooms. The top tip temperature is 210 Fahrenheit, which is well above the 180 Fahrenheit needed to kill bed bugs on contact. The SF-275 is classified as a wet steamer so it may take additional time for items treated to fully dry. The SF-275 also does lack a steam adjustment found on the Vapamore Primo dry vapor steamer and above, which is a useful feature for better control during a bed bug job. Overall the SF-275 is a nice steamer for the money and can be used well after the bed bugs are gone as a multi-purpose cleaner in replace of chemicals.

Product Information

The Steamfast SF-275 Steam Cleaner is an effective steamer against bed bugs, which kills bed bugs quickly on contact. Using ordinary water heated to over 220F, the Steam Cleaner effectively and naturally cleans and sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces. With high temperature steam power and a versatile array of attachments, the Steam Cleaner is designed for tackling small to medium size bed bug jobs. The SF-275 can also be used to clean shower doors to children's toys, carpeting and barbecue grills. Plus, the SF-275 Steam Cleaner has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. You can be confident that Steamfast products are built to perform and are built to last.

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Questions and Answers

Q: How hot will it get?
Asked by: Esperana - 11/15/2013
The SF-275 has a maximum tip temperature of 210° F.
Q: Does this cleaner come with the attachment or will they be extra?
Asked by: Dede - 12/2/2013
The steamer comes with all of the attachments pictured. There is no need to purchase additional attachments.
Q: How many microfiber cloths come with this machine? Can you purchase extras, and do you sell them?
Asked by: Nicole Nash - 8/13/2015
The SF-275 comes with 2 microfiber pads. You can purchase extras directly from the manufacturer at
Q: Would this product be effective in steaming your clothes ?
Asked by: David - 12/19/2016
While we have not tested the steamers we carry on clothes, we expect that they would be very effective for cleaning clothes as long as the correct attachments and steps are used.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
Excellent Product and service
This is by far the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs without hiring an exterminator. The steam cleaner will work automatically if you purchase right away and use before things get out of hand.Even if things have already gotten out of hand, over time the steam cleaner will be your best weapon and most effective in home remedy for conquering bed bugs permanently.
Reviewed by:  from Virginia .
5/ 5stars
First, Michael and company are superb in their knowledge and step-by-step regimen for treating one's home environment. When we called to purchase a $99.00 hand-held steamer, Michael suggesting upgrading a mere 20 dollars to the SF-275 model with larger reservoir capacity, versatile use, and much longer / 45 minutes use with one filling. I appreciated his suggestion, upgraded my choice, it shipped and arrived in 3 days in a discreet brown corrugated box, sans graphics, and I am happy I made the choice. The unit is easy to use, logical, adapts to each particular surface or crevice, and actually is styled and designed very well ! I recommend the upgrade, buy the cheaper hand-held unit if you want to steam an occasional garment ! But stay serious and have piece of mind with the SF-275. Now, sleep tight, and don't let the cookies crumble into the sheets when you bite !
Reviewed by:  from Anderson.
5/ 5stars
Steam Cleaner
So Far so good. This past Saturday was the first time we got to use the steamer and we were very impress. The steam worked beautifully and the pressure was great
Reviewed by:  from Boca Raton Fl.
4/ 5stars
I bought this steamer as a an additional tool to treat my bedbug problem. I went through all the steps that I needed to do in order to get rid of the bedbug problem. I have to do the second treatment in a day so I cannot tell if it's efficient. I used the steamer all over 2 rooms. Time will tell. On the other hand I started to use the steamer on my kitchen floor to clean the grout and it's working very well. I'm not desapointed. Bathroom tile was a big flaw. The steamer needs to be more powerful I would guess.
Reviewed by:  from Texas.
5/ 5stars
Powerful at a small price
Reviewed by:  from Fairhaven,Ma.
5/ 5stars
Got it for my son who moved into an apartment with BBugs. He threw out much of his goods and moved out.(used the steamer on some things he kept). He loved it and is cleaning stuff just for the fun of using it .
Reviewed by:  from Missouri.
5/ 5stars
Steam cleaner
Unit works very well - really puts out the steam. Used it for furniture treatment as well as floor cleaning.
Reviewed by:  from Tennessee.