STERI-FAB Continuous Action Spray CAS

STERI-FAB Continuous Action Spray CAS
STERI-FAB Continuous Action Spray CAS


STERI-FAB Continuous Action Spray CAS

The Steri-Fab Continuous Action Sprayer was designed specifically to apply STERIFAB and is popular with most state inspectors during inspections. The sprayer is labeled just like a normal bottle of Steri-Fab to identify what is inside the sprayer allowing the user to store the sprayer without having to empty the container. The sprayer comes empty and requires STERIFAB.
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STERIFAB (CAS) Continuous Action Sprayer

The Continuous Action Sprayer (CAS) is fully labeled for use with STERI-FAB and conforms to all legal requirements. The CAS was specially made by STERI-FAB to spray STERI-FAB and is free of any other chemicals or contaminants. The CAS is fitted with a nozzle that dispenses STERIFAB at a rate that supports the coverage claims of 1 gallon of coverage to 1500 square feet.

Most state agencies require that Steri-Fab be used to disinfect antiques, rental furniture, returned mattresses and many other furniture and mattress classifications. The CAS is also labeled just a like a bottle of STERI-FAB allowing people to know what's inside the sprayer to reduce liability and to make state inspections more transparent.

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the instructions for using this bottle? Thanks!
Asked by: Eva - 8/4/2014
The CAS is shipped empty, and can be filled by unscrewing and removing the top section. To use it, simply hand-pump the top handle to build pressure, then hold down the trigger to release a steady spray.
Q: Is this price just the sprayer or is a supply of Sterifab also included?
Asked by: Natalie - 8/12/2014
The CAS does not come with a supply of STERI-FAB. You'll need to purchase that separately.
Q: Can I purchase the pump sprayer only without the canister? I currently curently have two complete sets but the pump sprayer leaks on both.
Asked by: Howard - 5/6/2015
We are not able to sell the sprayer separately.

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Sterifab Sprayer
This worked great. Set to fine spray and be sure to pump up every so often. Made spraying a 15' x 15' room - with 3 windows - convenient.
Reviewed by:  from PA.