Rest Easy Organic Bed Bug Spray

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Rest Easy Organic Bed Bug Spray
Rest Easy Organic Bed Bug Spray
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Protect luggage and prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride home with Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray Bed bugs can be a problem in even the nicest hotels and resorts. Protect yourself with this highly effective, all-natural solution Traveling is one of the common ways to "pick up" bedbugs. After coming home from a trip, bedbugs are free to unpack themselves from your luggage and infest your home. Rest Easy Bed bug Spray can help you avoid the bedbug infestation nightmare.

Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is a naturally-derived formulation that eliminates bed bugs. This powerful, environmentally-safe bed bug spray comes in an cinnamon scent so you will not have to worry about the strong smell of most pesticides while it banishes Bed Bugs and other insects fast and effectively.

Rest Easy comes in an pleasant cinnamon scent so you will not have to worry about the strong smell of most pesticides.

The Rest Easy Bug Spray comes packaged in a convenient two-pack travel size. Designed so it can be easily taken in your carry-on luggage while traveling to make sure you do not bring bed bugs don’t crawl into your clothes and luggage and traveling back with you to infest your home.

Along with Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray we highly recommend the following items:

(1.) Bed Bug Proof Bedding Encasements (keep bed bugs from getting in or out of your mattress, box spring and pillows).

(2.) Climbup Interceptors (When used with our bedding encasements, the interceptors prevent bed bugs from climbing into the mattress so you and your family can sleep bite free).

(3.) Bed Bug Steamer (apply to the edges of the room and inside cracks and crevices. Allow to dry for one hour or until fully dry before applying J.T. Eaton Killed Bed Bugs Red Contact Killer).

4.) J.T Eaton Bed Bug Powder (made of natural Diatomaceous Earth. Apply to the edges of the room and inside cracks and crevices. Be sure to keep dry for best results).


Rest Easy is truly based 100% on all-natural ingredients

Rest Easy, due to the EPA recognition of its ingredients, meets all requirements for exemption from classical pesticide registration as having Minimum Risk

Rest Easy is an optimized blend of natural ingredients that have been recognized for controlling insects for 1,000's of years

Rest Easy is HIGHLY effective, killing 90% of bedbugs within 2 seconds of contact, and the rest within 30 minutes

Rest Easy, while providing a repellency effect as long as the vapors from treatment continue to give off a cinnamon scent (up to one week

Rest Easy is extremely cost-effective in addressing an embarrassing and unhealthy problem

Rest Easy offers a simple-to-apply option for repetitive, effective treatments that can be used by non-professional applicators and individuals

Rest Easy has also shown good efficacy against other flying and crawling insects

Rest Easy has a cinnamon-like aroma

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Rest Easy Natural Bed Bug Spray is an effective tool used when traveling or killing bed bugs on contact. Utilizing natural plant extracts and oils, Rest East kills bed bugs within minutes. Rest Easy is also safe for people and pets and has a cinnamon fragrance.

Another popular usage for Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is as a repellant for bed bugs. Unlike most sprays, which bed bugs cannot normally detect, Rest Easy emits a fragrance that bed bugs can detect and will likely avoid. By spraying around beds and along the baseboards, users can help reduce the chances of being bitten. Always adhere to the products label and MSDS for safe and effective application.

Rest Easy is used as a repellent and as a contact killer, but is not normally used as a treatment for bed bugs. This is due to the fact it repels bed bugs and may cause them to spread to other areas of the home. We would suggest rest easy to repel bed bugs while traveling, on suitcases or other belonging you would like bed bugs to avoid. For treatment please see our Bed Bug Kits.

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Rating Thank You!
I have been battling these little critters for 4mths now! Everytime the exterimator comes, the come back. I do have 2 cats & believe they are the ones putting holes in my matress & boxspring covers. I researched more on beg beds & came across this product. I ran out & boughtit right away. 1st test run... killed the bed bug RIGHT away! THANK YOU!!! It does leave a strong cinnamon scent(but isnt to bad), open the windows to air out & dry! Id take this smell over the alternative:)
  Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 2/23/2012
Rating Strong Smell, But Does Kill
We used rest easy while traveling in which we did come in contact with some bed bugs. We used the spray and it killed them within about a minute. The only issue is it leaves behind a strong cinamon smell.
  Reviewed by:   from New York, NY. on 1/12/2010