Nuvan ProStrips - Package of 12 Strips with 12 Cages - 16 Gram

Nuvan ProStrips - Package of 12 Strips with 12 Cages - 16 Gram
Nuvan ProStrips - Package of 12 Strips with 12 Cages - 16 Gram


Nuvan ProStrips - Package of 12 Strips with 12 Cages - 16 Gram

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Kill Bed Bug Safely And Effectively In Confined Areas

Treat electronics, shoes, handbags, clothing, toys sealed in an airtight bag with Nuvan ProStrips. Fortunately there is now a product that kills bed bug in difficult to treat items such as electronics. Nuvan Pro-Strips penetrate deep into items treated leaving no place for bed bugs to hide.

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Key Features:
  • No mess or odor
  • Treats electronics, clothes, handbags, shoes
  • Kills parasites on contact
  • Effective on mites, scabies, bed bugs, lice, mange and other insects
  • Works for up to 4 months
  • Treats 100-200 cubic feet

Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

Nuvan PestStrips are a very useful tool when treating sealed closets and items placed in sealed garbage bags. Up until now, treating items such as electronics, shoes, handbags and other items was nearly impossible. With Nuvan professional strength PestStrips, these items can now be easily treated.

Simply remove the Nuvan strips from their sealed enclosure and place inside their hanging holder (looks like an air freshener). Once inserted into the hanging holder, it will begin to emit odorless vapor. This makes it necessary to handle the Nuvan PestStrip with gloves in an open area such as outside or an open garage. Once the PestStrip is put together, place it inside of thick garbage bag or container with the items you would like to treat and seal.

Nuvan ProStrips are odorless leaving no residue or mess to clean up. Nuvan ProStrips emit a vapor chemical called DDVP, which deeply penetrates through just about anything making it very effective against bed bugs.

Items needing to be treated should be placed inside a sealed garbage bag or container for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure all stages of bed bugs are dead (as an option above we offer very large bags big enough to fit a 65" TV or several computers). There is a chance that unhatched eggs may be present, which will require a total of 14 days of treatment inside the sealed bag or container to be effective (this offers enough time for all eggs to hatch and for the newborn bed bug to be exposed to the vapor and die). When removing items that have been treated, allow items to air-out for at least 2 hours in a large open area with fresh air. After two hours the treated items can be put away or placed back into sealed garbage bags or containers to reduce the chances of re-infestation during treatment. Always adhere to the product label and MSDS to ensure safe and effective usage.

Product Information

For Control of Bedbugs and Bedbug Eggs NUVAN PROSTRIP may be used to control crawling bedbug nymphs and adults exposed to product vapors for 48 hours. In difficult to treat areas, a minimum treatment time of 72 hours will provide better results. NUVAN PROSTRIP may be used to control bedbugs that have entered various items in an infested structure including, but not limited to: electronics, appliances, footwear, art work, collectibles, plush toys, clocks, radios, wall hangings, telephones, computers, printers, mattresses, box springs, books, lamps, furniture and other such items. Place infested items in a suitable plastic bag, poly sheeting, container or room that is closed to contain the NUVAN PROSTRIP treatment. Plastic bags or poly sheeting should be at least 2 mils thick. The closed volume for treatment should not exceed the volume to be treated for the size of the NUVAN PROSTRIP used. Take care to avoid direct contact of the NUVAN PROSTRIP with the surface of items being treated. Seal items in the containment for a minimum of 48 hours to kill bedbug nymphs and adults. To kill any bedbug eggs, if suspected to be present, seal items in the treated space for fourteen days. Seal plastic bags and poly sheeting with as much air space around the treated article as is practical as this will enhance the exposure to the product vapors. Proper seal can be attained by any appropriate manner such as the use of tape, twist ties or other means. Professionals should test for adequate seal by testing for the escape of air from the sealed bag. Identify sealed treatment by a label indicating a pesticide treatment is in process that should not be disturbed by unauthorized persons. The label should include the date, pest professional person or company responsible and contact telephone number. When treatment is completed, remove treated items from the treatment in a well ventilated area and aired out for a period of not less than two hours.

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Questions and Answers

Q: Can you put these pro strips in your car for detection of bed bugs?
Asked by: Brandy - 1/9/2014
Nuvan ProStrips are not used for detection of bed bugs. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your car, you should use an active monitor like Verifi, Bed Bug Beacon, or NightWatch.
Q: What is the reason that this item cannot be sold in NY or CT? More importantly, since I live in NY and currently have other items in my cart to be ordered, is there any way I get around this issue?
Asked by: Donna Rocchio - 4/27/2014
New York and some other states have restrictions on which chemicals are permitted for residential use. The chemicals used in this product are not approved by New York for residential use. Since it would be illegal for you to use a restricted product in your home in New York, we cannot sell the product to you under any circumstance.
Q: Will these work in a car?
Asked by: michelle - 8/13/2014
Yes, these can work in a car. Simply remove the Nuvan strips from their sealed enclosure and place them inside their hanging holder. Leave one or two strips in the car’s cabin, and one more in the trunk.

Note that DDVP is not safe for people or pets, so you’ll want to handle the strips with gloves and stay out of the vehicle for at least 48 hours. After the treatment, roll down the windows and give the car time to air out, just to be safe. Always adhere to the product label and MSDS to ensure safe and effective usage.
Q: If we treat a straw hat inside a 2 mil sealed bag following the directions, will it be okay to have that hat worn on a bald head? Thank you.
Asked by: Florida Bugs - 9/27/2014
As long as you carefully follow the directions on the product label, which includes letting the treated items air out for at least 2 hours after removing the strips, then you should be fine. Nuvan ProStrips do not leave behind any residue, so you just need to let it air out so that the vapors have time to dissipate.
Q: how many strips needed for a storage unit 10x10x10 ???
Asked by: bebe - 1/29/2015
It is not recommended to use Nuvan ProStrips to treat an open space, as the vapors can leak out and create a potential health risk. It's best to put a couple of strips in a sealed garbage or contractors bag with the items that you want to treat. Please make sure to follow the product label and MSDS for safe and effective usage.
Q: My husband is on the road 8 days and home 4 days. Can I use this product to keep in his luggage to prevent or kill any bed bugs.
Asked by: Brittany - 2/19/2015
This product emits a vapor that you don't want to be exposed to, so I highly recommend that you don't leave it in anyone's luggage. Please follow the product's label and MSDS for safe usage.
Q: I know I should use it in a occupied room but I am desperate I used no pest strips in my bedroom.and for 3 days no bed bugs bites does it work that quickly?
Asked by: annie - 3/4/2015
I think you're referring to a different type of strip. You definitely don't want to use Nuvan ProStrips in an occupied room. Please read product instructions before you attempt to use them.
Q: will this product work for dry cleanable clothing when stored in the bag for 2 weeks?
Asked by: marv - 10/9/2015
Yes, but you'll only need to store the items in the bag for 72 hours. Please make sure you read and follow the product label and MSDS for safe and effective usage.
Q: How many strips should I use to treat my SUV and where should I place them? How many grams should each strip be?
Asked by: Marc - 10/29/2015
The 16 gram strips should be fine for your needs. Try placing one in the front seats (hanging off the rear view mirror, for example), one in the back seat, and one in the trunk area or third row (if there is one).
Q: Do you ship this product to California?
Asked by: SK - 11/22/2015
No, this product is not approved for sale to California.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
Treated My Book Collection Fast
I have a lot of books in my room and was tempted to throw them away due to me bed bug infestation. I came across Nuvan pro-strips and was able to save them. I just put books and on prostrip inside garbage bags for about a week and I'm confident that it killed everything. I also put my other personal belongings inside like my computer and iPod just in case. Great product and price. It's a lot cheaper than throwing your stuff away!
Reviewed by:  from Indiana.
3/ 5stars
nuvan strips
After recieving them , read where they would not work well in our situation. Did send back--delivery was quick
Reviewed by:  from cincinnati,ohio.
5/ 5stars
We recently purchased 2 packages of Nuvan ProStrips to aid our battle with bed bugs using them in tandem with several other types at home of treatment. We followed the directions and set up a trap in each of the garbage bags we had placed non heat treatable items in. We have yet to see any more signs of them and are keeping are fingers crossed. The best part about getting these from is the PRICE!!! Most local places charge around $10.00 a strip, it would have cost a small fortune to get them any where else.
Reviewed by:  from Clearwater FL.
5/ 5stars
Product review
The strips are wonderful would recommend them to anyone I even have one in my gym bag and your customer service is great. I received my order very fast. Would order again from the company
Reviewed by:  from Howell nj.
4/ 5stars
Nuvan strips
The strips were apparently exactly what we thought they were. However, there was no indicator on the package of the ability or lack of ability to work in lower temperatures. We had to call the selling company who directed us to a consulting company who told us they will not work as quickly in cold weather. Items were shipped in fairly good time-3 work days.
Reviewed by:  from Gettysburg, PA.
5/ 5stars
bed bugs
We were recommended to get these from the professional who came to our house..they work great and the service of this supplier is equally as fantastic. ..Thank you
Reviewed by:  from Baltimore.
5/ 5stars
nevan strips great with no mess
Reviewed by:  from cedarville, oh.
5/ 5stars
Nuvan Pro-strips
Shipment arrived very quickly. We are currently using the pro strips so can not rate their effectiveness yet.
Reviewed by:  from Land O Lakes, FL.
5/ 5stars
Nuvan strips
Our business uses Nuvan Strips on a regular basis and by far this company has the best pricing we have found. Now add the free shipping and it makes it an unbeatable deal. Fast shipping is another plus. We are very happy with our purchase. Thanks!!
Reviewed by:  from ohio.
5/ 5stars
Nuvan Prostrips
Followed your 4 steps, but when it came time to deploy the traps, we also spread borax over the entire carpet in the infected room. We had previously sprayed all bugs we saw on walls with alcohol. We also used a store bought bedbug bomb. Found no bugs in the traps when we reopened the room 3 days later. Found dead bugs and some live in the climbup interceptors, dead bugs on the floor, but none in the traps. I think the bugs couldn't make it to the traps due to the borax. I still have the traps deployed, and it has been over one week since we have found any bugs in the house. My purchase from this company was well worth the money.
Reviewed by:  from Florida.