NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor and Trap Catches Bed Bugs All By Itself

Bed bugs can be one of the most frustrating problems for a person to experience as just detecting them in the first place can be difficult. Bed bugs tend to stay hidden within cracks and crevices deep inside the room making it tough for people to detect bed bugs early on, much less see them scurrying about.

For early detection or confirmation that a bed bug issue has been eradicated, people sometimes need to supplement their anti-bed bug techniques with something that is able to truly confirm the presence of bed bugs (or lack thereof).

BioSensory’s NightWatch is a product that can do just that. The device mimics the presence of a person by attracting whatever bed bugs might be hanging around while at them same time letting a person keep track of bed bug issues (even in rooms that are not being occupied).

How it Works

NightWatch was developed to be a decoy to attract bed bugs when people are not around so that people can know for sure whether a bed bug problem is persisting in unoccupied rooms. In order to do so, the NightWatch functions by releasing carbon dioxide from an attached CO2 canister just like the CO2 released by people as we breathe. In addition, NightWatch produces a similar heat signal like the human body as a second attractant. Bed bugs, used to feeding on people with similar heat and emission characteristics, are attracted to the device. Instead of finding a meal, they are trapped inside the device and cannot escape

Thus, even when people are not around, it is possible to draw bed bugs out of their hiding places and trap them without an actual person being present. The device continues to produce these human-mimicking signals as long as the carbon dioxide canister remains filled (3-5 days between re-fills). We suggest purchasing several bottles at a time so that you don't have to go back and forth to the refill store every 3-5 days.

How it Can Help

Bed bugs can also be a major issue in unoccupied rooms. Without an attractant to draw bed bugs across applied sprays and powders, bed bugs can just remain hiding making treatments very difficult if not impossible. The Nightwatch is a great tool as it activates bed bugs in unoccupied rooms making the treatments far more effective.

Bed Bugs have become an issue across the country in major resorts and hotels along with high-priced homes so it is clear that they can affect any type of residence. In the cases of college dorms and hotels, along with homes, there are times when people are not occupying a room. But that doesn’t mean that bed bugs will leave and not be an issue in the future.

In fact, bed bugs can go months without eating. That means that even if a person moves out of a room, the bed bugs might remain waiting for another person to move in. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, some type of monitoring system is necessary. But unlike manual detection methods, which are often insufficient for revealing the extent of a bed bug infestation, NightWatch uses heat and carbon dioxide to draw bed bugs out just like a person would.

Bed bugs are resilient insects so it can help to have a resilient and effective monitoring system for keeping track of bed bug problems. With the NightWatch, people can finally treat and know for sure if unoccupied rooms such as family rooms, living rooms, hotel rooms and other areas are still infested or infested The nightwatch product page on our website also goes into great detail explaining everything about where and how the product may be applied.

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