New Larger PackTite Closet Bed Bug Killing Heater DISCONTINUED

New Larger PackTite Closet Bed Bug Killing Heater DISCONTINUED
New Larger PackTite Closet Bed Bug Killing Heater DISCONTINUED


New Larger PackTite Closet Bed Bug Killing Heater DISCONTINUED

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The New Packtite Closet Bed Bug Heater is an effective way to treat clothing, handbags, luggage, shoes, books, papers and much more. For years customers have asked us if a larger PackTite would soon be available so we're pleased to see it finally here! The PackTite Closet is the larger of the two PackTite models and is especially helpful for those who have a lot to treat or who want to be able to hang clothing or fit larger suitcases with ease.

Returns on the PackTite Closet are not accepted even if unused
Our Price: $699.00


Key Features:
  • Safe and chemical-free
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Treats most standard suitcases
  • Packtite™ measures (18" L. x 36" W. x 34" H. inches)
  • Patent pending technology
  • Kills all bedbug life stages (Heat range 120 - 150°F)
  • Treats clothing, handbags, luggage, shoes, books papers and much more
  • Usable Space: (30" L. x 40" W. x 36" H.) when filled with hot air
  • Collapses to 11" high for convenient storage
  • Includes temperature sensors to accurately gauge Interior temperature
  • Now available to Canadian customers

Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

The new PackTite Closet is finally here and now offers everything people have been looking for including a new clothing rack and larger interior space to reduce treatment cycles. The new design also reduces heat up times compared to the original PackTite. Another noticeable difference is the positioning of the heater, which is installed outside the unit to increase usable space. Once the new PackTite Closet is zipped up, hot air from the heater inflates the Closet to (30" L. x 40" W. x 36" H.). The PackTite Closet is an effective tool against bed bugs and can save much needed time when dealing with or preventing bed bugs.

PackTite™ portable bed bug heater uses patent pending technology to gently and thoroughly heat your luggage and its contents to a temperature that is proven to kill all stages of bed bugs (above 120ºF). PackTite also allows the user to treat belongings that are difficult to treat during an infestation including shoes, books, cd's, many dry clean only clothes and countless other items, which can save potentially hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. PackTite is a must have for frequent travelers who would like to treat their entire suitcase after returning from a trip. We've tested the PackTite and it's simple to use and the included gauge allows you to see the temperature inside the PackTite offering peace of mind that it's doing its job. (please see our PackTite demonstration videos below).

Product Information

What is PackTite?

PackTite™ is a safe, non-chemical way to treat your personal items for bedbugs.

PackTite is a must have for those looking to prevent or treat bed bug infestations. Many bed bugs infestations occur after returning from a business trip or vacation where bed bugs were present. With PackTite, you can routinely place your luggage inside the easy to use heater in order to kill all bed bug life cycles. This can offer peace of mind and greatly reduce the chance of infecting your home with bed bugs.

If your home already has bed bugs PackTite can be used to kill bed bugs within items that cannot be machine laundered including books, luggage, shoes and just about anything else. Simply place your items in the PackTite and turn the timer until you see a green light.

PackTite can literally save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs on items that would normally need to be discarded. The PackTite can also be use year after year to prevent future infestations from occurring.

PackTite Closet™ Instructional Video

PackTite Closet™: Hanging Clothes (Packed to the Max)

PackTite Closet™: Shirts

Three Empty Suitcases

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Questions and Answers

Q: I understand returns are not accepted but what if the item is defective and just does not work? Also, I was thinking of using this for dual purposes - heat treating and keeping it installed in my closet to keep my clothes and shoes in after they've been heat treated. Is sturdy enough for this purpose?
Asked by: Ichi-girl - 8/12/2014
PackTite heaters have a 90-day limited manufacturer warranty. In the rare event of a product defect, you can contact the manufacturer to have your heater repaired or replaced. As for your second question, the PackTite Closet is plenty sturdy for holding clothes over long periods, as long as you don't place heavy objects on top of it.
Q: Is the Pack Tite Closet UL approved?
Asked by: John Harlach - 1/30/2015
Yes, all PackTite products are UL approved.
Q: Can you tell me is the Packtite Closet Bed Bug run on 110v or 220v plus how many amp do this product draws?
Asked by: Danny Ing - 6/15/2019
The Packtite Closet is rated by the manufacturer for 11 amps and 1,320 watts in power draw.

Customer Reviews

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4/ 5stars
Packtite Closet
We are a family shelter located in MA. We purchased the Packtite closet as a precautionary measure to assist use us in reducing the risk in getting bed bugs. So far, this preemptive measure has worked for us. It is easily stored and used.
Reviewed by:  from Marshfield, MA.
5/ 5stars
PakTite Closet
We had the chance to borrow one for a month and were so impressed we bought our ow. We love it!
Reviewed by:  from Chicago.
4/ 5stars
prove it!
This isn't really a review because I'm still trying to decide if this product is worth the whoppin' $700. Video clips only show how to use it. I need to see it in action, meaning... put some real bed bugs (in all life stages) in it. At the end of the 3 or so hours, I'd want to see the dead bodies as proof of this product's claims. My bug battle has left me feeling that there's little hope of victory and exterminators are full of empty promises. Seems I have to care of them myself...and, if the Pack-Tite heater can help me sleep at night, I'll be very happy indeed. Also, It'd be awesome if this thing got even hotter. Just sayin'
Reviewed by:  from calif..
5/ 5stars
Bed Bud Killing Heater
So far the heater is working well. Thanks.
Reviewed by:  from Wichita, KS.
5/ 5stars
packtite Closet
We liked it we put so far the small wicker some tennis shoes and other mis. items
Reviewed by:  from Illinois.