Natural Bed Bug Kit (1-2 rooms) *ON SALE*

Natural Bed Bug Kit (1-2 rooms) *ON SALE*
Natural Bed Bug Kit (1-2 rooms) *ON SALE*


Natural Bed Bug Kit (1-2 rooms) *ON SALE*

Our natural bed bug kit is no longer available. Please see our other bed bug kits.

Kill Bed Bugs Naturally With Our One-Two Room Bed Bug Kit

Having the right tools to kill bed bugs is essential to success, which is why Bed Bug Supply offers bed bug kits the most effective natural kit available. We've helped thousands of people rid themselves of bed bugs and we can help you do the same. We not only offer products to kill bed bugs, but also provide videos and tutorials on how to treat bed bug infestations step by step. We can also be reached by phone toll free at (866) 238-9868 or by email at [email protected].

Cannot Currently Be Shipped To South Dakota

Our Natural Bed Bug Kit Consists Of Only EPA Registered Products Making It One Of The Only Natural Bed Bug Kits On The Market Consisting Of All EPA Registered Products! Natural Bed Bug Sprays And Powders That Are Not EPA Registered May Not Be Safe Or Effective.
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Our new bed bug kit is the most advanced and effective natural kit on the market harnessing the latest in bed bug research conducted by both MGK and Nisus corporations. These two new products offer a solution to those looking to use a less toxic approach to bed bugs with all natural ingredients. Up until now, most natural remedies were not effective given their repellency characteristics, which would cause bed bugs to scatter and spread into other areas of the home or building. Both products in our kit are EPA regulated, proven effective by entomologist's and will not cause bed bug to scatter or spread.

As with our professional bed bug kit, this natural kit uses contacts, residuals and powder needed to kill off a bed bug infestation, but in a different configuration.

The kit includes:

Evergreen Organic Powder for bed bugs is currently the most effective powder on the market for bed bugs harnessing natural pyrethrum to effectively kill bed bugs on contact. Consisting of all natural ingredients and certified organic by OMRI, Evergreen Powder is safe for people and pets if used as directed. The active ingredient is pyrethrum, which is derived purely from the chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethrum disrupts the flow of sodium to the bed bugs nerve cells resulting in repeated and extended firings of the nerves causing the bed bug to quickly die. There are a lot of natural products on the market, which have little or no effect on bed bugs, but Evergreen has been studied and proven to be extremely effective against these blood suckers. Evergreen should be applied only in cracks and crevices (places where bed bugs might be hiding) and not all over the floor. As long as the powder remains dry, additional powder treatments are not necessary.

Cymex Natural Bed Bug Spray is one of the most anticipated products to hit the market recently with a very low toxicity to humans and a high toxicity to bed bugs. More importantly Cymex has no repellency characteristics meaning it will not cause bed bugs to scatter to other parts of the house once applied (this was the issue with all other natural sprays prior to the introduction of Cymex). Cymex is also registered with the EPA, which is very important when purchasing any treatment spray or powder for bed bugs to ensure the product is safe and effective if used as directed.

Cymex is a water based spray that consists of natural DOT or Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, which is an alkaline salt that has been used for many years to effectively kill termites. This formula can now be used to kill bed bug effectively on contact with just very little scent (unlike other strong smelling natural sprays). Given the natural ingredients and low toxicity, Cymex is labeled for full mattress application as well as cracks and crevices. Cymex is also people and pet friendly once dry and if used as directed.

Cymex is a contact killer meaning it kills quickly, but will not remain effective after it dries. It is strongly recommended to steam, apply mattress encasements, climbup interceptors and powder in conjunction with any all natural treatment to ensure desired results. With very low toxicity, natural ingredients, minimal smell and no repellency, Cymex is the only way to go when doing an all natural treatment for bed bugs.

Product Information

The kit includes:

1 quart of Cymex Natural Bed Bug Killer (contact killer) quickly knocks down the bed bug infestation

1 10 oz. bottle of Evergreen Natural Bed Bug Powder (advanced contact/residual and powder) creates a long lasting barrier and knockdown

1 J.T. Eaton professional powder applicator (to apply powder)

To review our full treatment protocol on how to professionally get rid of bed bugs. (click here)
Along with our bed bug kit we highly recommend the following items:

(1.) Bed Bug Proof Bedding Encasements (keep bed bugs from getting in or out of your mattress, box spring and pillows).

(2.) Climbup Interceptors (When used with our bedding encasements, the interceptors prevent bed bugs from climbing into the mattress so you and your family can sleep bite free).

(3.) Professional Bed Bug Steamer (apply to the edges of the room and inside cracks and crevices. Allow to dry for one hour or until fully dry before applying J.T. Eaton Killed Bed Bugs Red Contact Killer).

Always read and adhere to the instructions on the products label to ensure proper and safe usage.

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Questions and Answers

Q: How does the Evergreen powder compare to the DE powder? What is the difference and which one is more effective?
Asked by: earthenvessel - 12/31/2013
The Evergreen powder is a pyrethrum powder, which attacks the bed bugs' nervous system. This is a more direct insecticidal effect than diatomaceous earth, which clings to the bed bugs' waxy shells, absorbing fluids and causing a slow death by dehydration.

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5/ 5stars
bed bug spray rate
Reviewed by:  from my home.
5/ 5stars
Cymex Natural Kit
Worked great! No smell to deal with and seemed to kill the bed bug really quick.
Reviewed by:  from Tampa, FL.
5/ 5stars
Works As Advertised
We had a severe infestation and used this kit to get rid of them. You will also need the encasements and the interceptors, but it's worked quite well and cost a lot less than what the exterminator wanted.
Reviewed by:  from PA.