McCulloch Portable Electric Steamer at (43.5 PSI)

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McCulloch Portable Electric Steamer at (43.5 PSI)
McCulloch Portable Electric Steamer at (43.5 PSI)
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For longer usage time than the Bed Bug Steamer and great portability the McCulloch Stamer is the answer. Beds bugs are highly susceptible to heat, which is why a steam treatment can be used effectively to kill bed bugs on contact. Some bed bugs are resistant to chemicals, but none can withstand 200+ degree heat killing both bed bugs and their eggs. The McCulloch Steamer is a highly portable steamer that zaps bed bugs and their eggs dead on contact. The McCulloch Steamer, like our other steamers, is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with several other of our products as a completely non-chemical bed bug treatment. Because of it's portability and convenient shoulder strap, it also works well for pest control operators during bed bug jobs.

The McCulloch Steamer includes 10 attachments allowing the user to apply steam on different surfaces including baseboards, mattresses and box springs, carpeting, countertops, tile and wood floors.

The McCulloch Steamer is a multipurpose unit and can also be used to deep clean, remove dirt, stains and kill bacteria nnd spores without using detergents or chemicals. It also works with ordinary tap water and is the perfect non-toxic, eco-friendly green cleaning solution.