Mattress And Box Springs Disposal Bags

Mattress And Box Springs Disposal Bags
Mattress And Box Springs Disposal Bags


Mattress And Box Springs Disposal Bags

Please select an option below:
Twin - 40in x 12in x 86in
Full - 54in x 12in x 90in
Queen - 61in x 15in x 90in
King - 76in x 15in x 90in
Chair - 46in x 72in (2 Pack)
Sofa - 45in x 152in
TV - Up To A 65" Flat Screen
Optional Tape To Seal Bag
No Tape
1 Tape Roll
2 Tape Rolls
Our Price: $4.99


Key Features:
  • Water Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Dimensions: Twin (40in x 12in x 86in), Full (54in x 12in x 86in), Queen (61in x 15in x 90in), KIng (76in x 15in x 90in)
  • Will Fit Pillow Top Mattresses Or Any Mattress Up To 15' Thick
  • Thick 2 Mil Plastic
  • Great For Transportation, Storage And Disposal Of A Mattress Or Box Spring
  • Best Value Mattress and Box Spring Disposable Bag Available
  • Air vents on mattress bag are used to help insert the mattress inside easier and must then be covered by tape to prevent the escape of bed bugs

Product Information

In most cases a mattress or box spring can be saved by simply treating them with STERI-FAB and encasing them with a SafeRest Mattress Encasement, but if it's time for a new mattress or your mattress is covered in bed bug feces, our disposal bags may be the answer. They are made from a fairly thick 2 mil plastic, can fit up to a 15" thick mattress and may be sealed at the end with packing tape (air vents to make it easier to put the mattress or box spring inside must also be sealed with tape). Mattress bags are not only the responsible way of disposing of an infested mattress, but can also limit the chance of spreading beds bugs throughout your home during removal. We do not suggest sleeping on a mattress bag as they will be noisy, hot and uncomfortable. They are simply made to remove a mattress or box spring from a home.

Also, due to the increase in bed bug-related complaints within the City of New York, the department of sanitation has created a set of new rules for disposing of mattresses and box springs. On December 3rd, 2010, the New York City Department of Sanitation began requiring that all city residents fully encase within a sealed plastic bag all mattresses or box springs being discarded for DSNY collection. Under the new rule, failure to place a mattress or box spring out in a proper bag can result in a $100 fine. Our bags fully comply with the requirements this city ordinance.

Our disposal bag and some packing tape is all you will need to get the job done. All bags are water and stain resistant (once the air vents have been sealed with tape), and also recyclable.

Our mattress bags can also be used to protect your mattress and box spring from dust, dirt, liquids and oil during transportation or while they are in storage (once the end and air vents are sealed with tape).

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Questions and Answers

Q: Are these sufficient to dispose of one infested full size wooden bed frame (includes head & foot boards) and if so, which size do you suggest?
Asked by: Donna Rocchio - 10/4/2014
If your bed frame fits in the sofa bag (which measures 45" x 152"), then you could use that. Otherwise, the other sizes would not be appropriate for a bed frame.
Q: How many bags for mattress disposal do you get in a pack?
Asked by: Edie - 9/14/2015
These are sold individually. The price you see is for one disposal bag.
Q: Is the bags clear or white? Do you supply bags that are black or any darker color?
Asked by: Lala - 8/9/2016
These are only available in clear color. The manufacturer does not offer them in white or black.
Q: Does one "unit" contain two bags to take care of the mattress AND box spring, or do I need two "units"?
Asked by: pete - 1/5/2019
You'll need one unit for the mattress and another for the box spring.
Q: Will this work for moving and storage as well as disposal?
Asked by: Sarah - 1/29/2019
It definitely can, and we've had customers do so successfully.

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5/ 5stars
mattress disposal bag
Perfect, great price, fast delivery! Very pleased.
Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn.
5/ 5stars
Bed Bug
Very quick, cheap, and convenient. Thank you!
Reviewed by:  from DC.
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Disposal bags
Thank you the item came in quite quickly. It was as describe. We had no trouble using it and it worked perfectly.
Reviewed by:  from Califonria.
5/ 5stars
Reviewed by:  from Fairfield, OH.
5/ 5stars
Mattress and box spring
product came on time and exactly what i wanted, no hassle and reasonable price with free shipping, i am happy with it.
Reviewed by:  from New york .
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Bed. Bug garbage bags
Fit great and worked just like stated
Reviewed by:  from 6007 Riverdale ave. 6007 Riverdale ave.
5/ 5stars
Mattress and Box Springs Disposal Bags
Excellent product. Cost effective. Timely delivery. Very good value. I am very grateful. Much, much better than the big home-related chain stores. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for this item.
Reviewed by:  from 350 Portico Way, Apt.122, Charlottesville VA 22911.
3/ 5stars
mattress bag review
Hello, I was pleased with the quick shipping but disappointed that I only received 1 mattress bag when the order said 2. See below. 6115505-2 Mattress And Box Springs Disposal Bags Sizes: Full - 54in x 12in x 86in Optional Tape To Seal Bag: No Tape
Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn.
5/ 5stars
Mattress Disposal Bags
When a tenant moved out of my 2nd floor apartment, I had to find a way to dispose of a mattress they left behind. Upon researching, I realized that NYC allows mattresses to be disposed with regular curbside garbage, but it must be in a proper disposal bag. I was not happy to think that I had to incur additional expenses, but immediately searched online for disposal bags. I was very pleased to find that Bed Bug Supply offered the necessary bags at very affordable prices. And the most surprising part was the free shipping. Package arrived very quickly and I was able to dispose of the mattress with no problem. I will definitely keep this company at the top of my list for any future needs that they can fulfill. My experience has been excellent and I would greatly recommend them.
Reviewed by:  from Queens, NY.
5/ 5stars
Disposal Bags
Excellent product, good price, fast shipping.
Reviewed by:  from Dayton, OH.