How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs can be a nightmare, but they’re easy to get rid of by following the following four step professional protocol.

Step 1: Cover Your Mattress and Elevate Your Bed

When you discover bed bugs, the first step should be to remove your bedding and put it into garbage bags. After taking off all of your sheets and blankets and placing them into sealed garbage bags, walk over to the washing machine and dump them directly into the washer (run it through the hot water cycle). Once that’s finished, you’ll want to run the these same items in the dryer on high heat to ensure all stages of bed bug are killed.

As for the mattress, it is necessary to obtain a mattress and box spring cover. These specially made bed bug covers can be put around the mattress and box spring to prevent new bed bugs from entering and keep the existing ones from escaping. These bed bug mattress covers are an effective way of stopping the bed bugs from becoming a problem again within the mattress and box springs.

You should also vacuum the mattress to remove any remaining bed bugs and then follow that up with a steam treatment. Bed bugs are highly vulnerable to heat so steam methods are very effective in killing them. Make sure to steam slowly so that you cover every inch of the affected areas. Move at 1" per second at no further than 1" from the surface you are treating. Be sure to allow the mattress to fully dry before applying the bedding encasements so you don't trap moisture and create mold.

Finally, elevate the mattress. Bed bugs can come out of crevices in the walls or floor so it’s important to get some distance between the bed and the ground. Remove anything that may be positioned between the bed and the floor other than the frame posts or wheels.

Step 2: Climbup Interceptors on the Bedposts

In order to bolster your defenses against bed bugs, you will need to apply interceptors on the legs of the bed. Because the legs are still in contact with floor, you are still at risk for bed bug attacks. That’s why it’s necessary to place another barrier around those posts (the interceptors).

Climbup interceptors are round pitfall device that are used around the beds legs. The interceptors catch bed bugs attempting entry into the mattress without the use of any pesticides. This guarantees safety against bed bugs looking to climb in or out of your bed.

Step 3: Steam and Clean the Room

It’s also important to take care of your clothes. Put all of your clothes into garbage bags and wash them in the same manner as the bedding. If the clothing is already clean, run it through the dryer on high just to be safe. As with the bedding, it can also help to use steam on any furniture along with cracks and crevices as the heat is an effective bed bug killer.

Step 4: Spray and Powder

EPA registered bed bug sprays and powders are recommended to get rid of bed bugs. These consist of contacts, residuals and powders (each has there own specific usage and purpose). Please call us or check out our bed bug kits available on the website for further details.

The following is just a summary of our full 4-step protoctol.

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