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Hefty Sealed Big Bags With Patented One Zip Feature For Travel & Bed Bug Infestations (3 Pack) 24" x 32" XXL

Hefty Sealed Big Bags With Patented One Zip Feature For Travel & Bed Bug Infestations (3 Pack) 24" x 32" XXL


Hefty Sealed Big Bags With Patented One Zip Feature For Travel & Bed Bug Infestations (3 Pack) 24" x 32" XXL

Whether traveling or treating bed bug infestations Hefty Bed Bug Bags offer the ultimate in protection with their patented One-Lock water tight seal. No other bed bug bag provides this level of protection offering peace of mind knowing your belongings are secured.

Our Price:

Key Features:
  • Patented One-Zip Feature Seals Off Encasement and Prevents Accidental Openings
  • Use During And Prior To Pest Control Treatment To Protect Clothing And Other Belongings From Bed Bugs.
  • Other uses include: Camping, Allergies, Arts and Crafts Storage, Dorms, Barracks.
  • Built In Handle Makes It Easy To Transport
  • Thick 3.5 mil. Plastic
  • Dimensions: 24" Wide x 32" Long
  • Great For Securing Belongings During Infestations
  • Travel With Confidence Knowing Your Belongings Are Protected
  • Best Value, Most Effective and Best Quality Bed Bug Bag Available

Product Information

Whether youre looking for protection from bed bugs while traveling or to protect your belongings from being infested, our Hefty Big Bags are the most effective. Weve tested just about every bag encasement on the market and these were by far the safest and most secure against bed bugs. They are also a fraction of the cost of other bed bug bags available.

What we like about Hefty Big Bags are their patented one-zip, which creates an air tight seal that keeps bed bugs out as well as prevents accidental openings. We also liked the convenient handle and ability to write on the bag in a content section.


While traveling Hefty Big Bags are a great companion allowing you to seal off all of your belongings keeping them protected from bed bugs.

Before traveling, simply apply our Bed Bug Control Luggage Spray on the outside of your luggage along the zipper and inside pockets. Once applied, youll be protected from bed bugs attempting to hitch a ride home.

Once Bed Bug Control Luggage Spray has been applied, place your clothing and other belongings into the Hefty Big Bag. To divide your belongings, several Hefty Big Bags may be needed. The bags offer plenty of space to maneuver allowing you to grab the things you need and then seal it back up.

Bed Bug Infestations:

When treating an infestation Hefty Big Bags stay locked preventing bed bugs from escaping or entering the bag. After washing and drying clothing and other items, simply place them into a Hefty Big Bag. This secures your items preventing bed bugs from entering. Hefty Big Bags also work well for items that have been recently treated with the PackTite Bed Bug Heater (allow items to cool before placing inside Hefty Big Bag).

We recommend to put items that are not necessary including extra pillows, sheets, unneeded books and other objects into the Hefty Big Bags to reduce bed bug hiding places.

Hefty Big Bags can be cleaned with STER-FAB and reused making them a green alternative to other disposable bags.

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4/ 5stars
Huge Bags
These bags are huge(!) and sturdy, and slide shut using the same plastic pull zipper you find on regular zip-pull plastic bags for food storage. The zipper breaks easily if you overstuff the bag; otherwise it works perfectly. I should also add they were packaged VERY nicely by bedbugsupply.com - generous amounts of bubble wrap on all sides with a letter of thanks, signed by hand.
Reviewed by:  from Portland, OR.