Enviromate E5 Dry Steamer Continuous Fill 2 Tank Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI)

Enviromate E5 Dry Steamer Continuous Fill  2 Tank Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI)
Enviromate E5 Steamer


Enviromate E5 Dry Steamer Continuous Fill 2 Tank Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI)

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The Swiss Army Knife of Steamers And A Bed Bug's Worst Nightmare.

The E5 can be filled continuously during operation with its premium two tank design. This means you don't have to wait for the unit to cool before adding more water. Simply add water to unpressurized water tank and continue steaming!
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Key Features:
  • CSS TECHNOLOGY- With CSS (two tank feature) you will never run out of steam in the middle of cleaning again. Simply refill the water tank when the water level is low and away you go.
  • 18/10 Stainless steel tank
  • 1450W heating element
  • 302º - 320º F boiler temperature
  • 221º F tip temperature (distance 0.8”)
  • 58 psi, 4 bar
  • ETL approved
  • Adjustable pressure controller located on handle
  • Low water indicator
  • Tank capacity 2 liters (8.45 cups)
  • Dimensions: 17.3"H x 12.5"D x 10.2"L
  • 19 lbs
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Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

The Enviromate E5 is one of the most well-rounded steamers that we carry. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it easy to tote the E5 throughout your home, and it easily tucks into the busiest closets when its job is done.

The E5’s clever ergonomics don’t just stop with its body size. Unlike most adjustable steamers, which use a knob on the body to adjust the steam flow, Reliable built the steam adjustment dial directly into the steam gun, placing the control right under your thumb. Turn the steam pressure down for steaming on broad surfaces, or up to get into cracks and crevices.

However, the E5 is not lacking in power and performance: its stainless steel boiler puts out 245° steam at up to 58 PSI, which is more than sufficient for any bed bug treatment or cleaning task. With continuous flow CSS technology, you don’t have to worry about the steamer running out of water and having to cool down between refills. Simply top the tank off with water as you work, and the steamer will keep working as long as you need it to.

Product Information

Enviromate E-5 Dry Steamer

The Reliable E-5 steamer is great steamer for bed bugs offering not only a high tip temperature of 221º F, but it can also be used continuously without the need to cool down before refilling with it's premium two tank design. The two tank design is what separates the E-3 we carry from the E-5. We like the EnviroMate for its sleek design, quality feel and high boiler temperature making it great against bed bugs. We also like the stainless steel steam hose helping deliver constant steam at the highest tip temperature.

Why Use Steam For Bed Bugs?

Beds bugs are highly susceptible to heat, which is why a dry vapor steam treatment can be used effectively to kill bed bugs. Some bed bugs are resistant to pesticides, but none can withstand 200+ degree heat destroying both bed bugs and their eggs. The EnviroMate E-5 is a high quality residential dry vapor steamer that kills bed bugs and their eggs dead on contact. As with the Vapamore MR-100, the Enviromate is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with several other of our products as a completely non-chemical bed bug treatment

13-Piece Made In Italy Accessory Kit

Making the best steam cleaner includes using superior quality accessories. Everything you need to get started killing bed bugs is included. Just add water!


The perfect add on kit ($100.00 retail value) is included at no extra charge for the E5, making it both a great steamer and a great value.

Adjustable Pressure Control

Some cleaning tasks will require more steam some will need less. The choice is yours with the E5. A childproof locking mechanism is also standard.

Adjustable 7 Foot Steam Hose

To make storage of your E5 easier, the unit is equipped with a detachable, long life stainless steel steam hose.

Auto Shut Off Light

When the E5 runs out of water, the heating element will automatically shut off, and a light on the control panel will indicate it is time to refill the unit.

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Questions and Answers

Q: Will this product hold up to daily use in an apartment complex with multi bedroom layout?
Asked by: Tim jedrey - 11/13/2013
While the Enviromate E5 is a very well-constructed steamer, it is only intended for occasional cleaning duties in a single residence. For daily cleaning duty in an apartment complex, you might be better off with a commercial-grade steamer, as they tend to be built more durably to handle that extra workload.
Q: how effective is this model at cleaning tile showers and grout? is there a modle that is preferred?
Asked by: nancy - 4/18/2014
The pressure and tip temperature that this model is capable of is more than enough to clean your shower tiles and grout.
Q: Regarding the warranty - if I use this machine overseas - in UK - with a converter, will it affect the warranty? Or is it an international warranty? Is it ok to use this machine with a converter? Thanks
Asked by: Jojove - 8/20/2014
The warranty information provided with the steamer makes no mention of international limitations, and the manual does not mention use of a converter. This would be a question to ask the manufacturer directly at 1-800-268-1649.
Q: Would it work for upholstery? Sofas etc.
Asked by: Lynn - 4/6/2015
Yes, steam is great for treating and disinfecting upholstered furniture. There are even a couple of included attachments that will help you with that.
Q: I have laminate floors and I know that I cannot use a steamer on the floor. I want to know if this has attachments so that I can do the base boards without damaging the floor??
Asked by: Jean - 8/7/2015
Yes, there are narrow tip tools that will steam under the baseboards without damaging the floor.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
Using steam to kill bed bugs works extremely well. We have used the E5 several times to treat bed bugs, which are thankfully all gone. We have a big house and wanted a steamer that didn't have to cool down before adding more water. We steamed for about 3 hours without stopping! The E5 is outstanding and easy to use. It also works well when cleaning the house for general purpose cleaning without chemicals.
Reviewed by:  from Palm Beach, FL .