Reliable Brio 250CC Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI) (Discontinued)

Reliable Brio 250CC Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI) (Discontinued)
Reliable Brio 250CC Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI) (Discontinued)


Reliable Brio 250CC Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI) (Discontinued)

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The EnviroMate BRIO is easy to use, compact and lightweight. It offers a user-friendly steam cleaning experience at a price that makes steam cleaning attainable to a wider array of users.
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2 (7 oz.) Bed Bug Powders
1 Pillow Protectors
1 Bed Bug Control Luggage & Travel Spray
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Key Features:
  • Double-walled aluminum tank
  • 1400W heating element
  • 302º - 320º F boiler temperature
  • 245º F tip temperature (distance 0.8”)
  • 58 psi, 4 bar
  • Solenoid steam activation
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Pressure gauge
  • Tank capacity 1.35 liters (5.7 cups)
  • Dimensions: 17"H x 7.5"D x 13"L
  • Weight: 12 lbs
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Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

From the moment we unboxed the Brio, we were infatuated with its unique design. When stripped of attachments, the spray gun fits into a port on top of the body and doubles as a carrying handle. Brilliant. The concept makes for a noticeably more portable steamer – no more carrying the body with one hand and the gun in the other. The three-wheeled design does a great job at allowing the steamer to glide across smooth floors when you want it to, and stay put when you don’t.

The Brio weighs a mere 10.5 pounds on an empty stomach – when filled to the brim, it tips the scales at about 12 pounds. Instead of going with the usual boxy or cylindrical design, Reliable opted for a long but slim body, measuring 17″ long and only 7″ wide. This makes it very easy to stash the Brio away in a closet when you’re not steaming.

There’s a little something for every chore when you dig into the Brio’s included gadgets and gizmos. Extensions, nylon brushes, brass brushes, angled nozzles, fabric and window heads, and more are all shipped with the Brio. Everything appeared solidly made, and installing your attachments of choice is simple – just insert and twist to lock it in place.

Thanks to the solenoid steam activation, steam was contained near the boiler and sent on-demand to the gun. This avoids build-up in the hose between trigger pulls, ensuring consistently hot and dry steam. After I pulled the trigger, it only took about 2.5 seconds for steam to start pouring out. On high pressure settings, the Brio is a beast – this is more than enough power to ensure deep penetration into walls, floorboards, and upholstered furniture. When you’re aiming for contact kills on surfaces, turn the steam adjustment knob down to avoid blowing bed bugs all over the place.

It’s really an understatement to say we liked the EnviroMate Brio. It’s compact, lightweight, and packs a seriously deadly punch. This is a very polished, well-made machine, that we are happy to recommend to residential and commercial buyers alike.

Product Information

The new EnviroMate BRIO is the latest in Reliable's series of high-quality home steam cleaners. As with the Vapamore MR-100 that we offer, the BRIO features adjustable pressure for better steam control. We like the BRIO's sleek design, quality feel and high boiler temperature, making it a great bed bug steamer. What really makes the BRIO stand out from the pack is its patented steam wand, which fits in the unit for compact mobility.

EnviroMate BRIO with long handle brush
Technical Specifications:

Power Supply: 120 V
Heating Element: 1400 W - 11.7 A
Steam Pressure: 58 PSI
Boiler Temperature: 320° F
Tank Capacity: 0.36 G
Steam Time: 45 Minutes
Heating Time: 5 Minutes
Power Cord Length: 18.5 ft
Steam Hose Length: 6.5 ft
Weight: 11.6 lb
EnviroMate BRIO control panel
EnviroMate BRIO pressure control
EnviroMate BRIO ergonomics
EnviroMate BRIO accessories

Extension nozzle
Adapter cone
2x black nylon round brush
2x white nylon round brush
Brass round brush
Angled nozzle
Fabric steamer
Window squeegee
Floor brush
2x extension tubes
Accessory bag
Measuring cup
Fabric cloth for floor brush
Fabric cloth for fabric steamer
Floor brush adapter
Extension tube accessory adapter

Bed Bug Usage Tips:

Steamers are a great chemical free and very effective way to treat for pests such as bedbugs and dust mites. The pests and their eggs are killed instantly when subjected to the high heat produced by the steamer. When treating for bedbugs or dust mites on furniture such as sofas, chairs, and beds there are a few simple steps to follow to help be successful in eradicating the pests. Before you start always make sure to follow these few rules.

Never steam into electrical outlets or connections and when steaming along base boards, wood furniture and trim always follow with a dry towel to remove the condensation or water build up. When steaming a mattresses or bedding make sure to allow the mattress or bedding to completely air dry prior to installing any plastic covers or plastic encasements commonly used for bedbug prevention.

Attachments: Using the clothes steamer attachment with the small cotton cover is great for beds, pillows, sofas, chairs etc. Pass over the area slowly with light contact in order to heat the area being treated and killing the pest and their eggs. The jet tip is great for getting into corners of bed frames, moldings, trim, furniture or any details areas that may be infected.

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Questions and Answers

Q: I'm considering either the Reliable or the Vapamore Dry Steamers for a bedbug issue. Since both are the same pricepoint, is there any appreciable difference between the two?
Asked by: Pete - 11/16/2013
Both are excellent bed bug steamers, and perform relatively similarly due to their comparable specs. The differences are mostly in ergonomics: the Vapamore MR-100 features on-board attachment storage, while the Reliable EB250 features a slimmer design and mounts the steam nozzle to use as a carrying handle. It's up to buyer preference.
Q: Is this product effective in removing pet stain odors and smoking odors from carpets, walls, and furniture? I just don't feel like shampooing is enough in completely eliminating these things. Have a hand held steamer, but not very time efficient for BIG jobs.
Asked by: clean freak - 12/17/2013
Removing smoking odors from walls and carpet is a very tough job, and it may be necessary to hire a professional cleaning service.
Q: is it safe to use on hardwood floors?
Asked by: phil - 1/17/2014
Steam cleaning is not recommended for hardwood flooring. Hardwood is a naturally absorbent material, and can be warped or damaged by the water vapor in steam. You also risk removing protective wax or sealing with steam.
Q: Would Brio EB250 Dry Steamer be safe to use on a SleepNumber mattress?
Asked by: ragar - 5/25/2014
It should be safe to steam clean a SleepNumber mattress, as long as you don't get any of the electronics wet. Be sure to immediately wipe up any excess moisture after you're done steaming.
Q: How much steam does the appliance make is it a strong stream or weak trickle?
Asked by: Erica - 7/2/2014
None of the steamers we carry would be emitting a weak trickle of water. With a full tank, they should all emit a fairly strong and hot spray of water vapor. If they begin to trickle or sputter, it means that the tank is nearly empty and needs to be refilled.
Q: I need to order a replacement fabric steamer and a couple of the cloths that fit on it...I have the EnviroMate BRIO 250 CC Dry Vapor Steamer...Can you help ?
Asked by: Jane - 6/1/2015
We do not carry parts for the BRIO in-house, but you can contact the manufacturer directly for spare parts at 1-800-268-1649.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
Nice Steamer
The steamer came as promised and exceeded our expectations. I have arthritis so the trigger lock came in handy so I didn't have to hold the trigger while steaming. It does the job and is easy to carry around. 5 stars
Reviewed by:  from New York, NY.
5/ 5stars
So far we are very happy with this steamer. Not only in our fight against bedbugs but also for cleaning. My wife has been using it to clean bathroom tile and is very happy with the steamer.
Reviewed by:  from Mariposa, CA..
5/ 5stars
EnviroMate BRIO EB250 Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI)
EnviroMate BRIO EB250 Dry Vapor Steamer (58 PSI) I bought it to steam the dog beds and carpets to kill fleas and eggs. It was easy to use. I also have been applying their flea meds every 3 weeks instead of monthly. It seems to have worked and next application, I am going back to monthly. It was easy to order and came quickly. Now if it just lasts we will be in good shape. I plan to use it at least quarterly to make sure we never again have a problem.
Reviewed by:  from Indiana.
3/ 5stars
EnviroMate BRIO EB250
It's extremely loud and the cord is not very long so an extension cord might be necessary if you use it outside. It does get very hot but if you have mildew that has been around for a long time, chances are this steamer will not help. You will have to do it several times to try and remove tough dirt and stains.
Reviewed by:  from Massachusetts.
5/ 5stars
Love it
Best money I ever spent.I bought this steamer to get rid of bed bugs.This steamer is powerful and gets very hot,kills bed bugs with ease .We tried everything to get rid of them and was just going to give up and call a professional until I bought this steamer.Plus,it is useful for so many other things,I also cleaned my carpet in my vehicle which I thought was beyond help,now it looks like new.The long cord and handle make it so easy to use and the steam last around 45 min.If you are considering buying a steamer this is the one.LOVE IT
Reviewed by:  from Richmond.
2/ 5stars
brio eb250
Steamer works good but doesn't seem to shut off unless unplugged. The steam ready light never comes on.
Reviewed by:  from Strader.
5/ 5stars
Brio EB 250 Dry Steamer
Works great. Wished we had bought it sooner.
Reviewed by:  from Western AR.
5/ 5stars
EnviroMate BRIO EB250
We like the steamer very much, great little machine, and the unit really does heat up using the steam.
Reviewed by:  from Canada.
5/ 5stars
Reviewed by:  from Hollywood.