Desiderio Plus Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum + Direct Injection (75 PSI)

Desiderio Plus Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum + Direct Injection (75 PSI)
Desiderio Plus Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum + Direct Injection (75 PSI)


Desiderio Plus Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum + Direct Injection (75 PSI)

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For pest control operators, hotels and apartment complexes looking to apply steam treatments with a vacuum feature on a regular basis the Desiderio Professional Commercial Steamer is the preferred choice by professionals.
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2 (7 oz.) Bed Bug Powders
2 Pillow Protectors
2 Pints of STER-FAB
2 Stuffed Bed Bug Toys
2 Bottles of JT Eaton Plus Aerosol Spray
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Key Features:
  • High heat and pressure ensure that bed bugs are killed on contact
  • Direct injection makes this a fully functional carpet cleaner
  • Continuous flow allows you to keep steaming without needing to stop between refills
  • Combination steamer + wet/dry vacuum
  • Commercial grade 2-stage vacuum with adjustable suction power
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Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

The Desiderio Plus is quite the engineering feat. Despite its value-oriented price and jam-packed feature list, the Desiderio still manages to deliver the hottest tip temperature of any bed bug steamer we offer. With steam as hot as 294 degrees, and pressure as high as 75 PSI, this commercial machine is sure to kill bed bugs instantly wherever they're hiding. Floors, walls, fabrics, nooks, crannies – there is no place safe from a Desiderio.

The Desiderio is built for efficiency. Direct injection allows you to begin steaming as soon as possible, and continuous flow allows you to keep steaming without needing to stop between refills. Its water filtration system traps bacteria and dust in its collection tank and ejects them through an additional filter. Because of the advanced steam control settings, even the most valuable furniture can be treated safely.

The show doesn't end when your steam treatment does, though – the Desiderio also features wet/dry vacuum capability. This commercial grade 2-stage vacuum allows supremely high suction, with an adjustable dial for a full range of extraction levels. Instead of a bunch of cleaning tools to lug around, this lightweight machine is all you need to get the job done.

Product Information

Many of our customers consist of hotels, apartment complexes and pest control operators, which require long lasting commercial grade equipment for daily use. The Italian-made Desiderio Plus Professional Commercial Grade Steamer + Vacuum is an all-in-one machine allowing the user to both vacuum and steam at the same time during bed bug treatments eliminating the need for two machines. Another great feature is continuous fill enabling the user to fill the tank and steam at the same time without having to allow the unit to cool first. This is especially useful during large commercial jobs. As with our other commercial steamer, the Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum has a lifetime warranty on the boiler and heating element.

Desiderio Plus vs Desiderio Auto

Both Desiderio commercial steam systems combine a steamer and vacuum into a superb all-in-one machine. Where they differ is that the Desiderio Plus features direct injection: a simple push of a button injects water and steam into the barrel at the same time, rapidly heating the water for effective carpet cleaning.

Desiderio Plus

Technical Specifications:

Heating Element: 1700 W
Steam Pressure: 75 PSI / 5 bar
Boiler Temperature: 315° F
Tank Capacity: 2 Liters
Injection Reservoir: 1.5 Liters
Steam Time: Continuous
Heating Time: 12-14 Minutes
Power Cord Length: 17 ft
Steam Hose Length: 8 ft
Weight: 30 lb (with boiler filled)
Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor - Lifetime Boiler & Heating Element
Why Use Steam For Bed Bugs?

Beds bugs are highly susceptible to heat, which is why a dry vapor steam treatment can be used effectively to kill bed bugs. Some bed bugs are resistant to chemicals, but none can withstand 280+ degree heat killing both bed bugs and their eggs. The Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum is a high quality commercial grade dry vapor steamer that zaps bed bugs and their eggs dead on contact. As with our other steamers, the Desiderio Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with several other of our products as a completely non-chemical bed bug treatment.

Desiderio Plus accessories

Refill bottle
Round brush with hard bristles
Grey round brush attachment
Self-lubricating O-ring kit
Rectangular brush complete kit
Upholstery and deep carpet tool
Window cleaner
Extension wands (2pcs) set
Nozzle with 1/2 brush
Flexible hose with hand-grip
Curved detail attachment
Small brush for nozzle
1/2 small brush for lance
Triangle brush
2 Stainless Steel Scrubbies
1 16×16 Microfiber Towel
Air-turbo brush

Bed Bug Usage Tips:

Steamers are a great chemical free and very effective way to treat for pests such as bedbugs and dust mites. The pests and their eggs are killed instantly when subjected to the high heat produced by the steamer. When treating for bedbugs or dust mites on furniture such as sofas, chairs, and beds there are a few simple steps to follow to help be successful in eradicating the pests. Before you start always make sure to follow these few rules.

Never steam into electrical outlets or connections and when steaming along base boards, wood furniture and trim always follow with a dry towel to remove the condensation or water build up. When steaming a mattresses or bedding make sure to allow the mattress or bedding to completely air dry prior to installing any plastic covers or plastic encasements commonly used for bedbug prevention.

Attachments: Using the cloth steamer attachment with the small cotton cover is great for beds, pillows, sofas, chairs etc. Pass over the area slowly with light contact in order to heat the area being treated and killing the pest and their eggs. The jet tip is great for getting into corners of bed frames, moldings, trim, furniture or any details areas that may be infected.

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Questions and Answers

Q: Can you operate the steam without the vacuum and vise versa?
Asked by: Steve - 11/17/2013
Yes, there are toggles on the handle that allow you to switch from steam only, vacuum only, and both at once.
Q: How is this products warranty? Does it have an extended warranty plan? Where do you repair it if ever needed? Why does it take tape water only and not purified or distilled.
Asked by: Carol - 12/31/2013
This steamer features a lifetime limited warranty on the boiler and heating element, as well as a 1-year parts-and-labor warranty on the rest of the unit and its attachments. If repairs are needed, it would be best to consult with the importer directly; you can reach them at 1-800-758-3141. Tap and purified water are both considered safe for steamers, as they don't normally contain the chemicals that contribute to calcium or lime buildup.
Q: I am living in the US and I have 110 v only. Can I use this machine? The Manual says it operates on 120 v only.
Asked by: Manue - 9/1/2014
110 v and 120 v power supplies are usually the same thing. They're just two different ways to refer to a single hot wire in your home, so the steamer will work as intended in any working outlets in a US residence.
Q: for shipping purposes how much is the actual weight of the desiderio plus 75 psi
Asked by: dion - 1/19/2015
The shipping weight of the Desiderio Plus is 35 pounds.
Q: I wander if you have 240-220 voltage.Im from state of Kuwait supply electricity between 240-220 volt.?
Asked by: BADER - 12/21/2015
Unfortunately, we do not offer any electrical devices that are compatible with 210 / 220 V outlets.

Customer Reviews

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4/ 5stars
Desiderio Plus
This is a powerful but manageable machine. I have a lot of pets, and nothing cleans more effectively (and safely!) than steam! The Desiderio gets hot enough to really sterilize -- and this neutralizes odors, even stubborn pet smells. I had a nice steamer before, a lower model, but it eventually shorted out after about 3 years. It took me awhile to generate the funds and the nerve to reinvest in this kind of high-end cleaning equipment, and I knew from using my last steamer that I wanted to step it up to one that also vacuums. This is a huge price jump, but WELL WORTH IT. I used to have to follow all my steaming with a thorough wipe down, and attach cloths to the foot to clean my floors. This was hugely annoying, and less effective. Now, with the vacuum function, my floors are so clean with just one careful pass! And I can hover over problem areas for a really deep clean. The attachments clean up easily with hot water -- so much better than laundering nasty cloths! The suction power is excellent, and this is a tremendous bonus for my area rugs and upholstered furniture! The Desiderio Plus really works. There are a couple of design flaws in this machine -- as if they put so much effort into designing the most important components that they didn't give much consideration to the rest of the unit. 1. The rubber protectors that surround the wheels frequently fall off. They're not fitted securely enough and, more importantly, this machine really suffers from one-direction rolling. It would be tremendously improved by multi-directional, free-spinning wheels! It would be great if the machine just followed the nozzle -- instead, it has to be frequently realigned to head in the right direction. 2. The collection bucket has a great capacity, but it's very flimsy. I am very careful about unattaching and emptying because it feels like it could easily twist and crack. I worry about this. 3. Also, there's really no easy was to put the machine down once it's released from the collection bucket. The top part is very heavy, and has a handle that's only a one-way grip (doesn't go all the way through). After the struggle to lift it off the bucket, the only thing to do with it is try to balance it on the small pedestal that extends from the bottom that's not meant as a foot. 4. Finally, the beep that signals low water is not quite loud enough to be easily heard above the roar of the vacuum. Sometimes I hear it, but often I continue working for a bit and then notice I'm not really cleaning effectively. Despite these issues, I am so glad to be using this machine in my house!! Now my biggest problem is catching up from going almost 2 years without a powerful steamer! I'm hitting all the broad areas over the winter -- but can't wait to start getting into all the nooks and crannies with a thorough spring cleaning!
Reviewed by:  from Cincinnati.