Desiderio Auto Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum (75 PSI)

Desiderio Auto Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum (75 PSI)
Desiderio Auto Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum (75 PSI)


Desiderio Auto Continuous Fill Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum (75 PSI)

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For pest control operators, hotels and apartment complexes looking to apply steam treatments with a vacuum feature on a regular basis the Professional Commercial Steamer is the preferred choice by professionals.
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Key Features:
  • High heat and pressure ensure that bed bugs are killed on contact
  • Continuous flow allows you to keep steaming without needing to stop between refills
  • Combination steamer + wet/dry vacuum
  • Commercial grade 2-stage vacuum with adjustable suction power
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Desiderio Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum

Many of our customers consist of hotels, apartment complexes and pest control operators, which require long lasting commercial grade equipment for daily use. The Italian made Desiderio Auto Professional Commercial Grade Steamer + Vacuum is an all-in-one machine allowing the user to both vacuum and steam at the same time during bed bug treatments eliminating the need for two machines. Another great feature is continuous fill enabling the user to to fill the tank and steam at the same time without having to allow the unit to cool first. This is especially useful during large commercial jobs. As with many of our other commercial steamers, the Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum has a lifetime warranty on the boiler and heating element.

Product Information

Why Use Steam For Bed Bugs?

Beds bugs are highly susceptible to heat, which is why a dry vapor steam treatment can be used effectively to kill bed bugs. Some bed bugs are resistant to chemicals, but none can withstand 280+ degree heat killing both bed bugs and their eggs. The Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum is a high quality commercial grade dry vapor steamer that zaps bed bugs and their eggs dead on contact. As with our other steamers, the Desiderio Auto Professional Commercial Steamer + Vacuum is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with several other of our products as a completely non-chemical bed bug treatment

Desiderio Plus vs Desiderio Auto

Both Desiderio commercial steam systems combine a steamer and vacuum into a superb all-in-one machine. Where they differ is that the Desiderio Plus features direct injection: a simple push of a button injects water and steam into the barrel at the same time, rapidly heating the water for effective carpet cleaning.


• Stainless Steel Cylindrical Insulated Boiler AISI 304 18/10 Tungsten (TIG) welded boiler – efficient steam production
• Internal boiler temperature 311+ F.
• 1700 watts 120 volt
• 14.1 amp work on any household outlet – yet producing steam and extraction in a well designed balance of power distribution
• Regulate pressure up to 75psi with the adjustable regulator dial • Pressure Gauge
• Steam – Vacuum – Simultaneously – or separately
• 30 lb weight with boiler filled
• Steam and extraction buttons on the handle designed for stress-free operation.
• Commercial grade 2 stage vacuum allows high suction level with adjustable dial for full range of desired extraction level
• Oversized 17 foot electrical cord
• Continuous fill operation with a 1.5 ltr boiler and 1.5 ltr reservoir
• A complete set of excellent quality tools & accessories
• 284+ exit temperature – Superb sanitization and virucidal elimination
• Water Collection Tank 2 – 4 Liter for recovery of dirt and debris and all airborne particles
• 9 minute heat up
• Replaceable Heating Element – Copper Tubing, Brass Fittings, Double coated circuitry
• Highly manageable 11.5 wide x 18.5 high x 14 long
• 1 year parts & labor and Lifetime boiler & Heating element
• Made in Italy

To Use Our Non-Chemical Treatment Protocol Against Bed Bugs We Recommend:

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J.T Eaton bed Bug Powder (natural diatomaceous earth)
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Questions and Answers

Q: I need to get parts for the desiderio vapor clean. Those parts are number 11, 8, 5, and 10. Can you tell me where I could get them? Thank you.
Asked by: martha - 5/18/2014
To order replacement parts, you can contact the importer directly at 1-800-758-3141.
Q: How does it work as a day to day vacuum for carpet?
Asked by: Aaron M. - 8/19/2016
Desiderios are used by professional cleaning and property management companies every day. They're very solid as day-to-day cleaning tools.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
Very Nice Quality
We wanted something that would not only steam, but would also suck as well. This steamer/vacuum combo is a high quality product and we use it here in our hotel to kill bed bugs.
Reviewed by:  from New York, NY.
5/ 5stars
Steam vacuum
Bought it for my auto's. Doing interior seats and rugs. But found out first that it is perfect for doing rugs in the home and also any type of floor with the many attachments you get. The machine is the best quality machine I have ever bought. I am in the maintenance business so I buy a lot of machines. Absolutely love it , with the steam being so hot you just know that your killing all germs and getting the surface as clean as possible with mild use of any chemical. So many different things you can use it on .
Reviewed by:  from USA.