Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap (LARGE) ON SALE

Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap (LARGE) ON SALE
Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap (LARGE) ON SALE

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Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap (LARGE) ON SALE

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Climbup Insect Interceptors are a unique and easy-to-use monitoring system to aid in the early detection of bed bug infestations. These specially designed plastic cups are pesticide-free with polished walls that are too slick for the bugs to crawl out. Bugs approaching the bed (or other furniture) from the floor will fall into the outer well while bed bugs leaving the bed will be captured in the center well.

Newest crack-resistant design for carpet and hard floors

Fits up to a 3 3/4" round or 2 3/4" square legs or wheels/castors
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Key Features:
  • Pesticide-Free Monitor
  • Pitfall trap keeps live bugs for early detection
  • Non-repellent: No glue or sticky tape to repel bed bugs
  • Fits up to a 3 3/4 inch round or 2 3/4 inch square legs or wheels/castors
  • Dual-Well: Gives clues as to which direction bedbugs are coming from and which furniture may still be infested after initial treatment
  • Early Detection: First instar nymphs can be easily seen trapped inside.
  • Designed for chairs, beds, sofas, tables and anything with a leg

Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

Climbup Interceptors are one of the most important tools you'll need when treating an infestation as they create a barrier trapping bed bugs attempting to enter or exit your bed. Many people dealing with bed bug infestations are unaware that bed bugs are crawling into their mattress to feed from inside walls, furniture, and other locations.

Enabling bed bugs to feed is not only uncomfortable, but also allows bed bugs to develop into an adult bed bug where they can begin to reproduce. A female bed bug must feed at least 5 times before she can begin to reproduce. By using mattress encasements and climbup interceptors, the biting will stop as long as you're careful not to bring bed bugs back in on your clothing. We also recommend applying either Bedlam or Steri-Fab to the bed frame and mattress before applying the mattress encasements and Climbup Interceptors.

Bed Bug Supply Team

Product Information

CLIMBUP™ insect interceptors are part of our bed bug treatment protocol for use during an infestation. They monitor for bed bugs allowing the user to know not only if they have bed bugs, but also how bad the infestation is and when they are finally gone. They are designed to intercept bugs leaving the bed or attempting to enter. Climbup Interceptors are easy to apply and can be inspected daily to monitor the population.

Remember that every bug that is intercepted by the climbup interceptor is one less bug that can reproduce or feed on a sleeping person.

ClimbUp Insect Interceptors
 In order for these devices to work to their optimum potential, what must I do?
1. Do not let any items (i.e. comforters, sheets, clothes, etc.) hang off of the bed and touch the floor at any point during the day or night.

2. Do not allow the bed to contact the wall.

3. Check the devices periodically to evaluate if bugs are present or if the devices are compromised (broken, debris in the wells) in any way.

This situation will not allow the CLIMBUP™ to work properly.

This situation will optimize the CLIMBUP™ effectiveness.

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Questions and Answers

Q: I want to glue the climb-ups to a board to avoid them cracking. On the label for gorilla glue it says to not use with polypropylene or polyethylene. What are the climb-ups made of? Thanks.
Asked by: Elizabeth R - 11/21/2013
We don't have that information available to us. Since those are fairly common plastic materials, I would play it safe and use a different adhesive.
Q: Wehave 4 legs on our king bed. But there are 4 wood slats that run width wide across the frame to support the box springs. Each slat has 2 legs that touch the floor. If they are under the box spring - do we still interceptors for these? That would be 12 for a king bed. Sounds expensive.
Asked by: Bitten - 5/19/2014
You will need interceptors for all legs or feet that are touching the ground. If a bed has any form of leg touching the ground, and that leg isn't intercepted, then it provides an access route for bed bugs to reach you.
Q: Can I us large monitors on any size of legs?
Asked by: Theresa Sampson - 5/28/2014
Unfortunately, no size offered is guaranteed for ANY size of legs. It's important that you measure the width of the leg to ensure that it will fit in one of the sizes we offer. It's like selecting a shoe - we have to offer multiple sizes because there are so many sizes of bed legs.
Q: Can these be place on carpet?
Asked by: Theresa Sampson - 5/28/2014
They can be used on carpet, but some users have reported that the interceptors can crack when placed on soft or plush carpet. To avoid this, consider placing wooden blocks under the interceptors to give them a firm surface to rest on.
Q: Do bedbugs really ever "leave" the mattress ... as trap uses indicates? Feel once the mattress is infested it will ALWAYS be infested because they live soooo long, always laying eggs, can go forever w/o food, etc. Also, if decide to toss mattress I would be infesting everything along the exit route ... carpeted stairs, etc.
Asked by: sickofbugs - 6/24/2014
The traps do not affect bed bugs that are already present in your bed. To address them, you'll need to vacuum, steam, and spray the seams, folds, and joints of your bed to kill as many as you can. Then, encase your mattress and box spring with SafeRest encasements. Please refer to step 1 of our 4-step solution for details.
Q: I have rollers on the legs of my frame, plus I have carpeting. Can I still use the interceptor?
Asked by: brian - 11/7/2014
Hi Mark,

Climbup recently changed their design to include a more rigid plastic. That being said it's far less prone to cracking so you should be just fine. If you want to add increased durability for thicker carpeting you can always put a small drink coaster below the interceptor.
Q: Is there a product available for bed without legs? If not, is the best option to attach some pegs under the bed? (I also have another bed with legs much to large for the intercepter.)
Asked by: Restless - 10/6/2015
There are no traps available for beds that don't have legs, so your best option would be to affix pegs or moulding blocks to create a set of "legs".
Q: My couch has posts that are 5x5in. I can't seem to find any product that is that large. Are there any such products available?
Asked by: Thick Legs - 12/20/2016
The only product we are aware of that would fit posts that large is the ClimbUp XL.
Q: hi.. I have Platform Bed Frame with Steel Support Slats, Queen Sized on carpet floor.. this looks like Plastic, so why asking this.. is it still holds good? I dont want it to be cracked because of steel leg.. Please advise..
Asked by: MC - 7/3/2017
The polymer used by ClimbUp is very durable and is tested for crack resistance. If you'd rather play it safe, you can go to a hardware store and get 3" dock washers to place under each interceptor.
Q: It appears that the 3 3/4" is the exterior circle width. what is the size of the inner?
Asked by: 429freckles - 12/13/2017
The 3 3/4" is for the inner circle. This interceptor fits up to a 3 3/4" round or 2 3/4" square legs.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
Good customer service
I oredered the wrong one and they sent me the right one.Very good product
Reviewed by:  from IL.
4/ 5stars
Works great, trapped 4 nasty looking bed bugs the first night!
Reviewed by:  from Chandler, AZ.
5/ 5stars
Within hours of having them down we caught a spider ... and they are excellent climbers , so these definitely work . if we do have bed bugs at least the spider will have something to eat ... great product .
Reviewed by:  from Newport.
5/ 5stars
Caught 10 The First Night
We weren't sure if we had bed bugs, but boy did we find out in the next morning. We found 10 bed bugs the first night caught inside the trap. The second night we caught 6 more. According to Bed Bug Supply we are not showing bites, but are likely being bitten. This does make sense as there appear to be a lot of bed bugs in our room and they must be feeding on something. We also put the encasements on the mattress and box spring and purchased a bed bug kit. So far so good.
Reviewed by:  from Fort Lauderdale.
5/ 5stars
As Described
The interceptors are great tool to use when facing a bed bug problem. Once applied we didn't get bitten again. It's vey important to also treat the bed and install encasements as well for this strategy to work. We also steamed the entire room. It's now been a few weeks and we're confident that they are now gone as we haven't caught anything in the interceptors for over a week. We will likely never take the interceptors off just in case we bring another one home.
Reviewed by:  from Raleigh, nc.
5/ 5stars
Must Have
This was a purchase for all the best in our apartment. It traps bed bugs and keeps them from getting into your bed. We have pets and chose this product because it doesn't use chemicals. You just place them under the legs of the bed. We trapped 15 bed bugs within a few days. After a week of treating we haven't caught any so hopefully they are gone!
Reviewed by:  from BATON ROUGE, LA.
5/ 5stars
Seems to be working. Need more time
Reviewed by:  from des plaines Il.
4/ 5stars
I like this product very much. You can monitor whether or not you have a problem and the instructions give you good tips also. You can tell whether you already have a problem or if one is just beginning. A little expensive for what they are, but to me worth the peace of mind. Wish they came in a few more sizes/shapes.
Reviewed by:  from Milwaukee.
5/ 5stars
ClimbUp Trap
They work great, very glad I got them.
Reviewed by:  from MN.
5/ 5stars
The product is good and the shipping was fast.
Reviewed by:  from Las Vegas.