Climbup HD (Small) Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap

Climbup HD (Small) Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap
Climbup HD (Small) Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap


Climbup HD (Small) Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap

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Climbup HD Insect Interceptors are the smallest of the 3 interceptors we offer providing a unique and easy-to-use monitoring system to aid in the early detection of bed bug infestations. These specially designed plastic cups are pesticide-free with polished walls that are too slick for the bugs to crawl out. Bugs approaching the bed (or other furniture) from the floor will fall into the outer well while bed bugs leaving the bed will be captured in the center well.

Newest crack-resistant design for carpet and hard floors

Fits up to a 2 1/2" round or 1 7/8" square legs or wheels/castors
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Key Features:
  • Pesticide-Free Monitor
  • Pitfall trap keeps live bugs for early detection
  • Non-repellent: No glue or sticky tape to repel bed bugs
  • Fits up to a 2 1/2 inch round or 2 inch square legs or wheels/castors
  • Dual-Well: Offers clues as to which direction bedbugs are coming from and which furniture may still be infested after initial treatment
  • Early Detection: First instar nymphs can be easily seen trapped inside.
  • Designed for chairs, beds, sofas, tables and anything with a leg

Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

Climbup HD's are the smaller version of the original climbup interceptors and fit a square leg up to 2" and a round leg up to 2.5". They are black in color helping them blend in well making them less conspicuous. Climbup HD's are popular with hotels that have small legs or for anyone wanting a more custom fit for narrow diameter legs. They are also a great value.

Climbup HD Interceptors are one of the most important tools you'll need when treating an infestation as they create a barrier trapping bed bugs attempting to enter or exit your bed. Many people dealing with bed bug infestations are unaware that bed bugs are crawling into their mattress to feed from inside walls, furniture, and other locations.

Enabling bed bugs to feed is not only uncomfortable, but also allows bed bugs to develop into an adult bed bug where they can begin to reproduce. A female bed bug must feed at least 5 times before she can begin to reproduce. By using mattress encasements and climbup interceptors, the biting will stop as long as your careful not to bring bed bugs back in on your clothing. We also recommend applying either Bedlam or Steri-Fab to the bed frame and mattress before applying the mattress encasements and Climbup Intereceptors.

Bed Bug Supply Team

Product Information

CLIMBUP™ insect interceptors are part of our bed bug treatment protocol for use during an infestation. They monitor for bed bugs allowing the user to know not only if they have bed bugs, but also how bad the infestation is and when they are finally gone. They are designed to intercept bugs leaving the bed or attempting to enter. Climbup Interceptors are easy to apply and can be inspected daily to monitor the population.

Remember that every bug that is intercepted by the climbup interceptor is one less bug that can reproduce or feed on a sleeping person.

ClimbUp Insect Interceptors
 In order for these devices to work to their optimum potential, what must I do?
1. Do not let any items (i.e. comforters, sheets, clothes, etc.) hang off of the bed and touch the floor at any point during the day or night.

2. Do not allow the bed to contact the wall.

3. Check the devices periodically to evaluate if bugs are present or if the devices are compromised (broken, debris in the wells) in any way.

This situation will not allow the CLIMBUP™ to work properly.

This situation will optimize the CLIMBUP™ effectiveness.

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Questions and Answers

Q: How is the trap suppose to catch bed bugs that are leaving your bed?? Can't they just turn right around and go back into your bed? Wouldn't you want the inside ring to have tape as well so they also would get trapped in the outside ring?
Asked by: david - 11/5/2013
The outer perimeter pitfall is designed to be a slick smooth surface that bed bugs can't climb. Once they fall into that pit, they won't be able to escape. There is no need to add any kind of tape to the product, and that is not recommended as it could negatively affect the product's functionality.
Q: For the Climbup HD (Small) Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap, do I need 1 unit for one bed? Or must I buy the 4pack for 1 bed, one for each leg?
Asked by: Nikki - 12/9/2013
You will need to purchase a 4-pack for 1 bed, one for each leg.
Q: My wheeled castors are 3" x 2" (4 of them) with a center support post 1.5" wide What will work for my bed?
Asked by: Bernie - 3/7/2014
For castors of that size, you'll need a 4-pack of the ClimbUp XL interceptors, and 1 of the ClimbUp HDs for the center support post.
Q: Will this monitor/trap work in a mini van?
Asked by: brian stroh - 3/19/2015
This is a passive monitor, which would not make it suitable for monitoring bed bugs somewhere that people are not sleeping. To confirm bed bugs in a van or car, you should use an active monitor like the NightWatch or Verifi.
Q: If I have mattress and box spring cover but am missing 2 climbers can the bugs only get on top of the sheets or can they get into my mattress.?
Asked by: Thomas Lawrence - 6/11/2015
Having bed covers doesn't stop bed bugs from getting onto the surface of the mattress. You'll need to completely isolate your bed in order to keep bed bugs off of the bed.
Q: The interceptors only show in units. Is one unit 4, or is it literally 1 interceptor?
Asked by: les - 6/29/2015
If the quantity option says "1 Unit", that literally means 1 interceptor. You would need at least a 4 pack to isolate a bed.
Q: Can you order bigger quantities of the climb up interceptors for a little more of a discount?
Asked by: Giff - 11/12/2015
We offer bulk cases of 144 units for $2.74 per interceptor. That's over 60% off the retail price, so we can't go any lower than that.
Q: Can I put a little diatomceous earth in the well?
Asked by: Fed Up Mom - 11/15/2017
The outer perimeter pitfall is designed to be a slick smooth surface that bed bugs can't climb. Once they fall into that pit, they won't be able to escape. There is no need to add anything else, and that is not recommended as it could negatively affect the product's functionality.
Q: " while bed bugs leaving the bed will be captured in the center well. " What keeps them from just climbing back up the leg of the bed and biting again? Seems like they are not "captured".
Asked by: John - 11/29/2018
The interior well has too slick a surface for bed bugs to climb. It was designed by a leading bed bug researcher and lab-tested before release.
Q: What height is the product? My chairs have a tiny area they touch the ground but are very gently sloping. I may have to put something on the contact points of the furniture to make the product functional.
Asked by: QWERT - 3/9/2019
Each ClimbUp is roughly one inch in height. If it's a close call, you may be better off purchasing a larger size.

Customer Reviews

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3/ 5stars
the monitors are good but not as sturdy as hoped for.
Reviewed by:  from michigan.
5/ 5stars
bed bug monitor trap
Satisfied with the product.
Reviewed by:  from Marion, Ohio.
5/ 5stars
Review of interceptors, powder and applicator
It's working!
Reviewed by:  from Corpus Christi, TX.
5/ 5stars
I have them on a nightstand. I don't really have a lot of bugs, there aren't any in there. But I guess it's doing it's job, because it lets me know I don't have any bugs there.
Reviewed by:  from New Mexico.
4/ 5stars
Climb Up Trap
Great product. Only suggestion would be to reinforce base of trap for placement on carpeted flooring. Metal legs will crack the bottom over time.
Reviewed by:  from Kansas City.
5/ 5stars
feedback on bed bug casters,
all works well ..
Reviewed by:  from 2002 jay street,lot 21,lebanon,pa.
5/ 5stars
I ordered traps as a back up plan....I moved into an apt and within 2 days I was getting bites....informed landlord...dr and friends suggested bed bugs....landlord had 2 diff exterminators inspect....found the traps in the mail put one by recliner and one by bed....caught I had proof so landlords will exterminate....thanks nice to have answers
Reviewed by:  from delphi.
5/ 5stars
Insect interceptor
I never would have thought of such a wonderful invention. Right now it is working. Thank you for this item.
Reviewed by:  from Connecticut.
4/ 5stars
Climb up
Found bed bugs and bites while having these on my bed. I was hoping that they weren't coming from my bed because I had the mattress encasing on both the mattress and boxspring. I don't see any bed bugs in the coasters.
Reviewed by:  from Philadelphia.
5/ 5stars
Bed Bugs
I am pleased with the things I ordered.
Reviewed by:  from Campbellsville.