Certified Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover Buying Tips


There are a lot of steps to take when dealing with bed bug issues (or effectively preventing them from occurring in the first place). One of which is finding an effective bed bug mattress covers to protect your mattress against a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers are meant to seal off your mattress so that bed bugs cannot enter, escape or feed through the encasement. This means that even after a bad infestation, you do not need to get rid of your mattress. This can save you thousands of dollars in mattress replacement costs.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that not all mattress encasements are equal. While many encasements advertise protection against bed bugs, most have unfortunately not been actually tested.

Without being tested by a lab using real bed bugs, there is no way of knowing for sure if the encasement will be effective as bed bugs are very small and unpredictable. The best encasements, however, have undergone such testing. SafeRest’s Premium Mattress Encasement, for example, have undergone significant testing to ensure they accomplishes the advertised bed bug claims. Their testing report is available on here for review.

Snell Scientifics conducted an extensive study of the effectiveness of SafeRest encasements finding that they were 100% effective in preventing bed bugs from entering, escaping or feeding through the encasement (very important when choosing a bed bug mattress encasement).

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of these encasements, Snell Scientific placed hundreds of bed bugs of different life stages into a jar and sealed using both the encasement material and the zipper enclosure area. The jar was held against human skin in order to see whether bugs could feed through the fabric and to see bed bugs could make their way through.

The results showed that even after prolonged contact with bed bugs, the human subject was unaffected by the bed bugs. All life stages were blocked from getting through the encasement including the zipper area proving with certainty that the material was fully effective in accomplishing its goal of protecting people against bed bugs. The seams were also tested along with the fabric and end-closing feature (nothing passed through or fed through).

Using a mattress encasement is an important step in fighting bed bugs as they seal up the many hiding places where bed bugs can thrive and hide. They also offer fluid and dust mite protection making them great for those with incontinence, allergies, pets and children. When it comes to dealing with bed bugs, mattress encasements represent part of a long-term solution to infestation problems. Combined with spraying and steaming to kill of populations of bed bugs, high quality mattress encasements can truly allow you to sleep comfortably with peace of mind.

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