Bed Bugs At Disney World / No Resort or Hotel is Safe

Forty years ago, travelers didn’t have to worry quite so much about bed bugs. With DDT and other pesticides in widespread use, the American public had effectively decreased the bed bug population and rarely had to concern themselves about bed bug infestations (even in the major travel cities like New York and Los Angeles).

Today however, times have changed. With many pesticides out of use because of health risks and changes in the law, those products that were so effective in fighting bed bugs are no longer being used. Also, solutions that people have turned to for other infestation problems have been mostly ineffective against bed bugs. As a result, bed bugs are on the rise.

Bed Bugs in the Magic Kingdom

Now, bed bugs can be a problem anywhere there are travelers (particularly in vacation destinations). Walt Disney World is unfortunately no exception. Regardless of the quality of Disney’s resorts, travelers bring bed bugs with them, Thus, where there are lots of travelers, there is a good chance there will be bed bug infestations.

While most people think of their visit to a vacation resort as a dream come true, bed bugs can put a major damper on the fun. People have reported bed bugs in a number of Walt Disney World resorts over the past several months on The Bed Bug Registry. Incidents of bugs on their mattresses, their sheets, and even on their stuffed animals!

Many individuals also made comments affirming Disney’s excellent service and response to bed bugs stating that they tended to find more bed bugs in other resorts, but it is clear that bed bugs can be a threat no matter where you are vacationing or traveling. We would never suggest not staying in Disney World hotels as most hotels will have bed bugs at some point. We just wanted to point out that any hotel can fall victim to bed bugs.

How You Can Deal with Bed Bugs

There are a few steps you can take to deal with bed bugs when traveling to a hotel.

The first thing to do is to check reviews of the resort you will be staying at. If there have been recent issues with bed bugs, it’s likely that travelers will have posted comments on review sites or the online registry. Check ahead and make sure there are no major problems with the place you plan to stay at.

In addition, it helps to prepare your luggage. If you are especially worried about bugs coming back home with you, use a packtite heater on your suitcase when you return home and consider purchasing a bed bug liner for your luggage. Also, carry along some plastic bags to store your laundry. These will help keep bugs out of your clothes, and if they do get in, they’ll be stuck there. When you get home, you can just dump your clothes right into the washing machine.

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