Bed Bug Steamer (43.5 PSI)

Bed Bug Steamer (43.5 PSI)
Bed Bug Steamer (43.5 PSI)


Bed Bug Steamer (43.5 PSI)

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Our electric bed bug steamer is a must have product for fighting mites, bed bugs, scabies, mange and other parasitic insects in difficult or hard to reach areas. (includes all attachments seen in the second product image)
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Key Features:
  • Safe Non-Toxic (Uses Tap Water)
  • Cleans & Sanitizes
  • Kills bacteria
  • Kills parasites on contact
  • Effective on Mites, Scabies, Bed Bugs, Lice Mange and other insect infestations
  • Removes Stains from bedding
  • 9 Accessories and Attachments
  • 3 Minute warmup time holds 8.5 ounces
  • Holds 8.5 ounces
  • 210 Degree Tip Temperature
  • 43.5 PSI
  • 10 Foot Power Cord For Easy Mobility
  • Versatile - excellent for cleaning cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, garden equipment, workshops, etc
  • Removes Stains from bedding
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Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

We tested and really liked the electric Bed Bug Steamer for it's ability to steam mattresses and the edge of walls between carpet and the baseboards (or tile and wood floors). The steam takes advantage of bed bugs sensitivity to heat, which literally cooks the bed bugs in hard to reach areas.

We like to use the steamer first during treatment before sprays and powder are applied on the edges of the room to kill a large percentage of the infestation quickly (especially in rooms with carpet). The sharp nozzle attachment of the steamer allows the user to inject steam into crack and crevices. The mattress steamer attachment with the cotton cloth cover also offers a constant wide angle steam that penetrates deep into the mattress and box spring. We recommend allowing the steam to dry before applying the sprays and powder (normally about an hour).

Bed Bug Team

Product Information

The Bed Bug Steam Cleaner harnesses the power of steam to help you take control of your bacteria and insect infestations. At a constant temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam will ensure that bacteria, mold and unwanted bed bugs become a distant memory.

The Bed Bug Steamer will quickly and safely kill bed bug debris and eggs making certain your environment is safe and free from parasites. It cleans and sanitizes all types of surfaces and hiding places in every room of the house.

The Bed Bug Steam Cleaner has the perfect attachments to sanitize every inch of your home to make it free from Bed Bugs, Lice and Nits, Scabies Mites, Skin Parasites, and Pet Mange and Ear Mites.

Our high quality multipurpose steam cleaner harnesses the power to steam to help you gain control of harmful bacteria and insect infestations the natural way! Bed bugs and parasites are very sensitive to heat and are rapidly killed when exposed to very hot temperatures.

If heat is used for bed bug and parasite control, it is important that the high temperatures are applied suddenly. At a constant temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam,unwanted parasites and pests are gone on contact.

Using the portable Steamer is the most practical method of exploiting heat. The great advantage is that it will kill all insects, bed bugs and parasite in different stages; including the eggs. By killing the eggs, you immediately eliminate the problem when the eggs hatch.

Other Uses:
  • Remove stains from bedding, carpets, blankets, headboard sand upholstery.
  • Clean and sanitize mattresses, furniture, curtains and carpets.
  • Kill dust mites, parasite sand remove allergens for a healthier indoor environment.
  • Cleaner smelling room from steam deodorizer.
  • Quickly and easily clean furniture, table tops and counters.
  • Remove stains, nicotine and tar residue from walls.
  • Clean, deodorize and sanitize in one simple step.
  • Clean tile, grout and shower doors with steam instead of harmful chemicals.
  • Easily reaches cracks and crevices other cleaning methods cannot reach.
  • Remove chewing gum and candle wax easily and quickly.
  • Quickly clean windows and mirrors without smears or streaking.
  • Clean blinds, drapes and curtains.

Questions and Answers

Q: What type of furniture can this be used on WITHOUT ruining the furniture?
Asked by: toyah - 6/18/2014
The steamer is mostly used for carpet, mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, and sealed woods. Unsealed woods and freshly waxed or painted surfaces could be damaged, and shouldn't be steamed. Be sure to wrap a cloth around the steam nozzle (and fix it in place with rubber bands) to break up excess moisture, and to dry steamed surfaces with a towel to prevent moisture buildup.
Q: this steamer works with dry vapor?
Asked by: Lesly - 8/4/2014
Due to the low pressure rating of this particular steamer, the vapor that is emitted is fairly wet. If you want a dry vapor steamer, you'll need to upsize to something like the Vapamore MR-100 Primo.
Q: Will this steam clothing?
Asked by: march - 2/6/2015
Yes, you can use any of our steamers to remove wrinkles from clothing. Steam works best on soft fabrics like cotton, and garments that are difficult to press, but it doesn't do well with sharp creases and crisp fabrics, like dress shirts.
Q: what is the maximun heat degree?
Asked by: Evelyn - 2/25/2015
210 degrees Fahrenheit.
Q: Can the steamer from this product get hot enough to kill bed bugs?
Asked by: E-man - 9/9/2015
Yes. All of the steamers we carry have the minimum temperature needed to kill bed bugs.
Q: With only a 6 oz. water supply, how long will this product produce steam? It's seems like 6 oz. is not very much.
Asked by: Ron - 1/30/2017
A 6 oz water supply will only steam for 5-10 minutes. We offer a number of other steamers with higher capacities for longer steam times, but at a higher price.

Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
bed bug steamer
It is great. Very well made.
Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn, New York.
5/ 5stars
Great Product
Works very well. Steams up fast. Has extension nozzles. It kills bugs on contact.
Reviewed by:  from Buffalo.
5/ 5stars
very nice for the money
Reviewed by:  from Indiana.
5/ 5stars
Bed Bug Steamer
Excellent product! It did the job I wanted it for which was to eliminate bed bugs and the instructions were easy to follow and the steamer was easy to handle.
Reviewed by:  from NYC.
1/ 5stars
does not get very hot
I had high hopes for this little steamer. Unfortunately, the steam it produces is not very hot. It acts more like a mist of water vapor. I had to buy another product.
Reviewed by:  from Philadelphia.
5/ 5stars
good steamer
5 stars
Reviewed by:  from home.
5/ 5stars
Works great
Works great, we used on cracks and crevices of our walls
Reviewed by:  from Orange County .
5/ 5stars
Bed Bug Steamer
This product is vastly superior to the small steamers available at the dept stores. It has major power and has saved furniture for me. It is a must have if you are serious about fighting bedbugs. I totally recomend it.
Reviewed by:  from Ohio.
5/ 5stars
Great product, had a exterminator come in and weeks later bedbugs were back. Steamed the entire room and carpet, including mattress and boxspring, along with sofa and so far have not seen any. Back to getting a good nights sleep.
Reviewed by:  from MAINE.
5/ 5stars
Satisfied Purchaser
I purchased the bed bug steamer (40 PSI) and am very satisfied. The steamer is super hot and it kills bed bugs with ease. It only steamers for about 10 minutes, but for the money its a nice steamer.
Reviewed by:  from NJ.