Tips to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations:

Bed bugs are easily transmitted from location to location by attaching themselves to materials that move. This includes luggage, you, your clothing and boxes. There are; however, ways to decrease your chances of bringing home a bed bug.

Many of today’s infestations originate from exposure to infested airplanes, hotels, cruise ships, apartments and work areas. Once infestations reach one dwelling or apartment, they often migrate to others.

Below are some suggestions on how to reduce your chances of becoming a bed bug host.

Keep your travel items and suitcase protected-

Traveling is the number one exposure element for new cases of bed bugs. This is because hotels and cruise ships are now facing large issues with bed bugs due to the high turnover of their guests. One of the best ways to prevent bringing home a bed bug is by protecting your luggage with Bed Bug Control for luggage. This small spray product protects your luggage by repelling and killing bed bugs for several weeks while traveling.

Another great way to travel is by using Hefty big bags. These large sealed bags allow the user to keep their belongings free of bed bugs. These work very well when staying in hotels during a road trip. Before checking into a hotel, simply keep your suitcase in the car and place only what you need that night into the Hefty bags (place dirty clothing into the bags until you return home and can dry them on high heat). By only bringing your belongings in sealed bags, the odds of bringing home a hitchhiking bed bug are reduced significantly.

Encase your pillows, mattress and box spring-

Applying bed bug encasements to your bedding not only helps to treat the bed bug infestation, but also helps to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bedding in the first place. Bed bugs are great at nesting deep inside a mattress or box spring where they are very difficult to treat. A bed bug encasement prevents bed bugs from ever penetrating your mattress making treatment of possible infestations much easier. Bed bug encasements are also waterproof and stain proof, which protects your mattresses factory warranty.

Call to see if a hotel has any issues with bed bugs before you arrive-

Bed bugs are found at five star hotels as well as those with 2 stars, which is why it’s always a good practice to contact a hotel prior to arriving to ensure they are not having bed bug issues. Some hotels will not tell you the truth, but many will make you aware if bed bugs are an issue.

Dry clothing after returning from a trip-

Immediately after returning from a trip, it’s always a good idea to throw your clothing into the dryer on the high heat setting to kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs there might be. Be sure not to over pack the dryer.

Try not to live in an apartment building-

As impractical as this may sound, apartments are becoming a major hot spot. New bed bug cases in apartment buildings have exploded over the past 12 months and continue to increase. Apartment buildings are great for bed bugs as they can easily migrate from one apartment to the next making treatments an ongoing effort.

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