Bed Bug Observer Pheromone Monitor And Trap

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Bed Bug Observer Pheromone Monitor And Trap
Bed Bug Observer Pheromone Monitor And Trap
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Feature 5 Offers Early Detection for Bed Bugs!

Advantages of the Bed Bug Observer:

Very discreet and easy to keep out of sight. Only 2" x 3" x 1/4"
Provides first indication of bed bugs as a monitor, but is also just as effective as a trap.
Special patent pending attractant in a glue base draws bed bugs into the trap.
No pesticides! Also, the glue is well protected from children and adults! No sticky fingers. Very economical and no refills to buy.
2-4 monitors per bed are recommended.
The Bed Bug Observer is effective for 6 months and works round the clock.
Very easy to use. Just visually inspect periodically (or every morning) for evidence of bugs stuck in trap. No need to touch as the monitor is clear.
Protect yourself and your family!

How To Use:

Place monitors with glossy side up as per the marking on the device.
Monitors should be placed between box spring and mattress near the head of bed and near the foot of bed. Line up edge of monitor with edge of mattresses.
No sprays, no touching, no chemicals, child proof, sturdy construction and no odor.
Take with you in your luggage for hotels, dorms and vacations to keep from bringing bed bugs home.

Also Great For:

Pest control companies: Provide monitors to your clients to keep an eye on the bed bugs that survived the first treatment.
Hospitals: Patients bring bed bugs in. Epidemiologists could use monitors to provide routine checks in all rooms.


The monitors are shrink wrapped to keep them fresh. The 6 month time period starts after the shrink wrap is removed. Open the shrink wrap when needed.