Bed Bug Guard Active CO2 Monitor And Trap

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Bed Bug Guard Active CO2 Monitor And Trap
Bed Bug Guard Active CO2 Monitor And Trap
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Bed Bug Guard Post (Includes 16 Day Supply Of CO2 And DE Powder)
Refill CO2 Kit (16 Day Supply)
Refill 2 Oz. DE Powder
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Bed Bug Guard Post

The Bed Bug Guard Post is a bed bug monitor and trap that emits small amounts of carbon dioxide for at least 24 hours (includes enough for sixteen 24 hour treatments) to attract bed bugs into the unit where they cannot escape. DE powder is included and is used to kill the trapped bed bugs inside the trap. The unit is easy to setup and includes everything you need to start monitoring and trapping bed bugs except for lukewarm tap water. Until now, drawing out inactive bed bugs in rooms that were unoccupied made it difficult to be sure applied powders and sprays would have effect. This is due to the fact that inactive bed bugs can potentially remain in place for long periods of time waiting for a potential meal to return. By using small amounts of natural carbon dioxide, inactive bed bugs are re-activated allowing them to become mobile increasing the chances that the bed bugs will cross over applied powders and sprays or be trapped inside the Bed Bug Guard Post.

We really like this new product and feel it will help people deal with their bed bugs not just in the bedroom, but also in other areas such as bathrooms, closets, family rooms and unoccupied areas where inactive bed bugs may be present. It was also tested by the entomology department of Virginia Tech (the report is located in PDF form on this page). Remember that applying powders and spray may not be effective against bed bugs if there is nothing to activate and draw the bed bugs out including someone staying in a room or by using the Bed Bug Guard Post. Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide. The Bed Bug Guard Post is proven to work by harnessing natural carbon dioxide as it's attractive element.
The highly-effective, Entomologist tested, environmentally-friendly Bed Bug Slasher is the market leading device for detecting and eliminating bed bugs in the home. Unlike other products, the Bed Bug Slasher actively Detects, Traps and Kills bed bugs all in one device. Passive systems only serve to detect the presence of bed bugs, but The Bed Bug Slasher eliminates bed bugs by luring them into the trap where they will die.The Bed Bug Slasher system is easy to use. Simply place a Sleep-Safe unit under each leg of your bed and furniture and use our Guard-Post unit for closets, corners of rooms, legless furniture, or for commercial and retail applications.

The Bed Bug Slasher uses carbon dioxide, which is the very same harmless gas we produce every time we exhale. Released at a rate no greater than a small pet sleeping and working only within a room, the carbon dioxide attracts the nasty vermin to the trap where they become permanently contained in the kill zone of the patent pending device.

How are the bed bugs eliminated? Your Bed Bug Slasher system includes an organic mechanical killer (not a pesticide) called diatomaceous earth a powder consisting of fossilized algae, which to us simply looks like flour, but under a microscope looks like tiny shards of glass. Use the special Bed Bug Slasher bottle to spray Diatomaceous Earth into each trap and when the bed bugs come into contact with it, they will be cut up by the diatomaceous earth and die of dehydration. This is not a bed bug exterminator with pesticides in it. The Bed Bug Slasher does not use chemicals.Instead, the diatomaceous earth included in the Bed Bug Slasher system is classified by the FDA as an organic, food grade product. It is regularly used on pets and livestock to kill insects or worms and some people even consume limited quantities of it as a natural de-toxifier.

Sleep peacefully in your bed at night knowing the Bed Bug Slasher is actively on guard. We are the top of the food chain, not these nasty blood suckers. If you have bed bugs, start trapping. If you are unsure, set up the Bed Bug Slasher now for your own protection and peace of mind.

Take control of your environment. The Bed Bug Slasher is your solution.

Optional Refill Kit Includes A 16 Day Supply Of CO2.

Place in rooms where bed bugs are present. Apply two (2) included CO2 capsules and two (2) powder packets into the fluid bottle and fill to the "12 oz." line with lukewarm water. Attached the top screw top with the tub to the bottle and insert the end of the tube to the Bed Bug Guard Post unit (please see our video for full instructions or read our PDF on the top)

Along with the Bed Bug Guard Post we also recommend:

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Rating Definately Works
We set it up to see if we still had bed bugs in our family room. We hadn't had any bites in a few weeks. We set it up and unfortunately it caught something that night. Bad new, but good product.
  Reviewed by:   from Detroit. on 6/17/2011