Bed Bug Blue Fecal Matter Test Kit

Bed Bug Blue Fecal Matter Test Kit
Bed Bug Blue Fecal Matter Test Kit


Bed Bug Blue Fecal Matter Test Kit

Bed Bug Blue™ is a simple, inexpensive test kit designed to aid in the identification of fecal spots left behind by hidden bed bugs.
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Key Features:
  • Determines If Fecal Matter Originated From A Bed Bug
  • Easy To Use And Effecive
  • Used For Early Detection Before Bed Bugs Have Been Spotted

Bed Bug Supply Review - see what our experts have to say about this product

Bed bugs normally hide deep inside cracks and crevices making it difficult to physically see them early on in an infestation, but fortunately the fecal matter left behind on their way to and from a blood meal can provide a good first indicator. Bed Bug Blue is a new product by PackTite offering the ability to test and find out if fecal matter found in a residence or hotel room originated from a bed bug. If the test papers turn a blueish color after a specimen is properly tested, the fecal matter was likely derived from a bed bug and treatment options should be discussed with one of our bed bug experts. Bed Bug Blue is a helpful tool for individuals, PCO's, hotels or property managers to test fecal specimens offering peace of mind or a call to action based on the test's findings.

Bed Bug Supply Team

Product Information

One of the most common signs of a bed bug infestation, fecal spots, are also one of the hardest to accurately identify. Fecal spots are often left behind in cracks and crevices of bed frames, mattresses, headboards, and night side tables. These spots can be easily confused with mascara, wood discolorations, marker, etc. Bed Bug Blue™ is a quick and easy test to determine if a suspect fecal spot is from a bed bug. The patented kit consists of the test paper, developer, and cotton swabs. Simply apply developer to the cotton swab and rub it on a suspect spot. Then rub the swab on the test paper, if a blue stain appears the spot has tested positive for bed bug fecal material.

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• Homeowners can use the kit to confirm that spotting found by their pest professional is from bed bugs.
• Great for K9 handlers to confirm spotting found by their dogs.
• Convenient size for travelers, will easily fit in purses or luggage so that suspicious signs found in their hotel room can be tested.
• Pest management professionals can use the kit to confirm to their clients that spots found on mattress, headboards, etc. are indeed from bed bugs.

Bed Bug Blue Directions:

1.) Pull tape roll to expose 1 inch of test strip.
2.) Apply one drop of developing fluid to cotton swap tip.
3.) Rub moistened swab lightly over suspect bed bug fecal spot.
4.) Immediately dab the swab onto the exposed test strip.
5.) Wait for one minute for full development of color.
6.) If blue color appears, contact one of our bed bug experts so we may discuss an appropriate treatment plan.

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Questions and Answers

Q: how do you use this in your house to get rid of the bed bugs,
Asked by: aj - 5/2/2015
A fecal matter test kit won't get rid of bed bugs for you. It's intended to help you confirm a bed bug infestation.
Q: is the kit free to an odsp recieent
Asked by: Candace - 6/7/2015
None of our products qualify for free purchase under ODSP or any other disability program.
Q: I saw some rust-colored stains on my sheets (and got some bites on my shoulders). The stains are dry. Will this product work on dry stains?
Asked by: Sheryl - 8/3/2018
Yes, the kit includes a solution that will moisten the sample for testing.

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5/ 5stars
I love Bed Bug Blue!
Having done literally thousands of inspections for people I can honestly tell you the easiest thing to find during an inspection is fecal traces left behind by Bed Bugs. I have tested fecal traces on every possible substrate and the test has never failed. I also made sure to test things I knew were not feces just to be sure the test would not give me a false reading, and I mean everything I could find.
Reviewed by:  from NY.