Bed Bug Beacon Active CO2 Monitor And Trap

Bed Bug Beacon Active CO2 Monitor And Trap
Bed Bug Beacon Active CO2 Monitor And Trap


Bed Bug Beacon Active CO2 Monitor And Trap

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The bed bug beacon is a hot new product that monitors and traps bed bugs by using natural carbon dioxide. The beacon is popular for individuals and pest control operators wanting to know if bed bugs are present.
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Refill Kit (3 week Supply)
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Key Features:
  • Re-activates sleeping bed bugs
  • Traps bed bugs inside unit for easy collection
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Easy to setup and is re-usable
  • Includes enough CO2 powder to last for 2 weeks (refill kits available)

Product Information

Bed Bug Beacon

The Bed Bug Beacon, from the makers of PackTite, is a bed bug monitor that emits small amounts of carbon dioxide for up to 2 weeks in order to attract bed bugs into the unit where they cannot escape. The unit is easy to setup and includes everything you need to start monitoring and trapping bed bugs except for lukewarm tap water. Until now, drawing out inactive bed bugs in rooms that were unoccupied made it difficult to be sure applied powders and sprays would have effect. This is due to the fact that inactive bed bugs can potentially remain in place for long periods of time waiting for a potential meal to return. By using small amounts of natural carbon dioxide, inactive bed bugs are re-activated allowing them to become mobile increasing the chances that the bed bugs will cross over applied powders and sprays or be trapped inside the Bed Bug Beacon.

We really like this new product and feel it will help people deal with their bed bugs not just in the bedroom, but also in other areas such as bathrooms, closets, family rooms and unoccupied areas where inactive bed bugs may be present. Remember that applying powders and spray may not be effective against bed bugs if there is nothing to activate and draw the bed bugs out including someone staying in a room or by using the Bed Bug Beacon. Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide. The Bed Bug Beacon is proven to work by harnessing natural carbon dioxide as it's attractive element.

The Bed Bug Beacon also helps to detect if bed bug are present by trapping them inside the beacon. This not only help people know if they actually have bed bugs, but can also help them know when the bed bugs are gone.

Optional Refill Kit Includes a 3 week supply or 3 Bags of Mix A and 3 Bags of Mix B
Bed Bug Beacon Instruction Video:
How The Bed Bug Beacon Works Video:
Place in rooms where bed bugs are present. Apply CO2 powder A and CO2 powder B into the included bottle and fill to the "fill line" with lukewarm water. Attached the top screw top with the tub to the bottle and insert the end of the tube to the Bed Bug Beacon unit.

Along with the Bed Bug Beacon we also recommend:

(1.) Bed Bug Proof Bedding Encasements (keep bed bugs from getting in or out of your mattress, box spring and pillows).

(2.) Climbup Interceptors (When used with our bedding encasements, the interceptors prevent bed bugs from climbing into the mattress so you and your family can sleep bite free).

(3.) Professional Bed Bug Steamer (apply to the edges of the room and inside cracks and crevices. Allow to dry for one hour or until fully dry before applying J.T. Eaton Killed Bed Bugs Red Contact Killer).

4.) J.T Eaton Bed Bug Powder (made of natural Diatomaceous Earth. Apply to the edges of the room and inside cracks and crevices. Be sure to keep dry for best results).

5.) Bed Bug Sprays (JT Eaton and Bedlam) (offering effective contact and residual sprays against bed bugs).

6.) PackTite Bed Bug Heater (allows you to treat shoes, clothing, dry clean only items, papers and books without chemicals).

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Customer Reviews

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5/ 5stars
co2 bed bug product
We caught 4 bed bugs in our family room even though we thought that our exterminator had killed everything. Although it sucks to know we still have them, we can prove that we still have them.
Reviewed by:  from Atlanta GA.
4/ 5stars
Not too fancy, but it does catch bed bugs
We used it in the family room and it caught 4 bed bugs the first night. We wanted to know if we had them in other parts of the house before treating and obviously we do.
Reviewed by:  from san francisco, ca.
5/ 5stars
Bed bug beacon
Product was easy to set up instructions are clear one of the packages was torn and leaked they replaced the item immediately
Reviewed by:  from Valley Stream.
5/ 5stars
I am so grateful that this monitor exists! It is simple and works great - luckily I was able to leave the apartment where bed bugs had been seen vacant - they were found after a tenant moved out while I was renovating . I placed a monitor in the bedroom after the first extermination spray treatment- with Windows and doors closed and no humans or pets around , I caught 2 bugs. I didn't know the extent of the infestation so I bought 2 more monitors and extra CO2 making powder ... Finally a few days after the 2nd treatment I have not caught any more bugs . 3rd treatment was done recently and I think it's finished and I am far more confident that the treatments worked - and comfortable bc I purchased these monitors . I do think it's important to remember that's the bugs will choose a living breathing meal over a tiny amount of co2 coming from this trap , so keep this in mind . My sister will be moving into the apartment when it is ready - so I bought the climb up trap things for the bed to monitor when she is there .
Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn .
1/ 5stars
bed bug beacon
never caught a one
Reviewed by:  from oklahoma.
1/ 5stars
Disappointing ,For the money spent,$50.00,I realky dont think it was worth it.a plastic bottle ,and the rest of the items.Cant say I would recommend this product
Reviewed by:  from ft laud .