BB Alert Passive Bed Bug Monitor

BB Alert Passive Bed Bug Monitor
BB Alert Passive Bed Bug Monitor


BB Alert Passive Bed Bug Monitor

Bed Bug Alert offers a maintenance free way to monitor for bed bugs for up to a 12 month period. Bed bugs are spreading across the country making it important to know when bed bugs are present.

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Key Features:
  • Pesticide-Free Monitor
  • Can be placed just about anywhere and is not dangerous to people or pets
  • Easy to setup in just seconds
  • Great for individuals, hotels, pest control professional and property managers
  • Dimensions 5” Long x 3.75” Wide x 3/8” High

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Bed bug Alert is a passive monitor meaning that it does not attract bed bugs. It instead offers an irresistible hiding spot where bed bugs would likely visit if present. Bed bug are naturally attracted to dark tight spaces, which makes the BB Alert ideal for bed bugs. We suggest placing Bed Bug Alert on the bed or a wall close to be bed where it can be visually inspected and not disturbed for a year. Each month mark the calendar on the monitor and inspect for dark spots or skins left behind on the outside white detection area of the monitor. If you see any of these signs you may have bed bugs.

Bed Bug Alert is something that everyone should have especially those in high-risk areas such as apartment buildings or hot spot states. We would also highly recommend this to hotels and motels as a monitoring tool to catch infestations early. Early detection is the key to treating bed bugs before they become a large problem. Although detection is not certain, the Bed Bug Alert is a useful tool that can offer a level of comfort those in fear that they may have or get bed bugs.

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Product Information

How BB ALERT® Passive Works

BB ALERT® Passive is designed to provide an ideal harborage for Bed Bugs. When the monitor is placed in proximity to potential feeding sites, the large number of small crevices it contains are highly attractive to Bed Bugs as a potential harborage. The monitor incorporates a white band around the exterior, which clearly shows the fecal staining of Bed Bug activity when the insects are present.

Early detection of Bed Bug activity is acknowledged as a key factor in reducing the disruption, cost and effort of remedial treatment. Bed Bugs are notoriously cryptic pests, with most infestations remaining undetected until they reach a significant size. The BB ALERT® Passive monitor is a discreet alternative to the labor intensive task of routine inspection for the presence of Bed Bugs.

As the BB ALERT® Passive name implies, this monitor contains no moving parts or consumables. Its simplicity allows it to provide continuous unattended monitoring for up to a full year, making it very cost-effective.

BB ALERT® Passive is a monitoring device to provide early detection of Bed Bug activity. Although Bed Bugs feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals, they prefer to live in narrow spaces close to their host, such as cracks and crevices. When feeding, the Bed Bug becomes engorged and swells to accommodate the meal. This would prevent it from returning to the safety of its preferred harborage, and so it voids the excess water from its meal, retaining only the nutrients and solids. This leaves distinctive black sticky marks close to the resting sites.

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Questions and Answers

Q: Hi! Is there a possibility of this showing remnants of other bugs, and not bed bugs? I just want to make sure it's 100% accurate that bed bugs are what I'm dealing with. Just asking before I order. Thanks!
Asked by: JW - 7/30/2019
Yes, other bugs and their remnants can be found on any sort of trap or monitor. That's why it's critical that you research what bed bugs look like in their various life stages in order to confirm an infestation.

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5/ 5stars
Great For Hotels
We have this in each or our 200 rooms. They are inspected each time the sheets are changed providing early detection of bed bug infestations. We have caught two infestations in their early stages allowing us to quickly remedy the issue. We only replace. them when they alert us so they last for many years. Great investment for hotel owners that care about their guests and want to know about an infestation before they are reported by guests.
Reviewed by:  from Raleigh.